Railroad Alaska – DMAX – 8. Januar 2022, 23:15


Railroad Alaska – DMAX – 8. Januar 2022, 23:15 – Teleboy

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Railroad Alaska

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Saturday, January 8th • 11:15 pm




Sunken bulldozer



Snow, frost and avalanches: the railroad workers in the mountainous regions of Alaska constantly have to deal with extreme conditions. But the rough fellows don’t let that get them down, because many people in the northernmost state of the USA depend on the men doing their backbreaking job conscientiously. Machines, cars, coal and gasoline: the trains have to roll in any wind and weather so that even the most remote regions are supplied. Even if that is not always easy to do. In this episode, Bill Bivins and his colleagues transport heavy equipment to Gold Creek to recover a sunken bulldozer.



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