“Raising children is not easy, but all the effort is worth it.” In the registry office of the Oktyabrsky district of Grodno, families were solemnly presented with birth certificates of babies

A bright moment in a series of festive events on Family Day was the congratulation of the families of the Oktyabrsky district of Grodno in the regional registry office. Here, in a solemn atmosphere, couples were presented with birth certificates of babies. Representatives of the district administration and public organizations “Belaya Rus” and “Belarusian Union of Women” came to congratulate the families.



Deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus, Chairperson of the city organization of the Belarusian Union of Women Irina LukanskaI am convinced that the birth of a child is the happiest moment in seed life. Children give positive, energy and love.


Raising children is not easy, but all the effort is worth it. Moreover, in our country all conditions have been created for this, – Irina Lukanskaya emphasized. – The woman is always under the supervision of doctors and receives all the necessary medical assistance. The state made sure that every couple had the opportunity to become parents, introduced a free IVF attempt, it is planned that about 2000 procedures will be carried out a year. Allowances are provided after birth. Time passes quickly, but the family remains the unchanged rear, in which a person finds support and love.



As noted Head of the Civil Registry Office of the Oktyabrsky District of Grodno Elena Shut, family is the most important thing in a person’s life. It is an unshakable support, a source of joy and inspiration.

We always try to please the residents of our area and prepare something interesting, especially in honor of Family Day. This is an important and symbolic holiday that carries very correct messages. Spouses are always happy to receive attention, and we are pleased to please them, – said Elena Shut.

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Anastasia and Evgeny Drobotovs came for the birth certificate of their first child. The couple have been married for almost a year, but they had warm feelings for each other as early as adolescence. They carried their love through growing up and started a family.




We were very surprised when we learned that the certificate will be presented to us in a solemn atmosphere. It’s nice. It turned out to be a double holiday. On this wonderful day, we want to wish everyone love and prosperity and remember that it is never too late or early to create a family, do as your heart feels and love each other, – shared the spouses Drobotov.


Olga Cheshevik on this day not only took the child’s birth certificate, but also officially received the status of a mother of many children, because her son became the third child.

I always wanted a big family, my husband also shares this desire. My daughters were looking forward to my little brother. Children are great happiness! On family day, it is especially pleasant to receive congratulations, and I would like to wish the spouses to yield to each other, listen, and respect. Without this, you cannot build a strong family. For 14 years of marriage, this became absolutely clear to us, – Olga shared.

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