Rapper Snoop Dogg reveals how Dionne Warwick influenced him

January 4 – SM.News news agency. Popular American hip-hop artist and rapper Snoop Dogg spoke about why he began to respect women. This was written in an online magazine Sound.

Aspiring rapper Snoop Dogg, who had not yet gained popularity, did not initially experience respectful manners towards women. His songs at the beginning of his career and in general his behavior was associated with a disrespectful tone to all the ladies. But the active Diona Warwick, who advocated the recognition of black women, was able to convince the young singer.

Recently, Snoop Dogg decided to reveal the details of his high relationship with Diona Warwick.

Thanks to her active performance, he was able not only to cultivate that very respect in himself, but also to wean it from swearing in his compositions.

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