Rapper uses Capitol Storm as album cover – five months in prison

The US rapper “Bugzie the Don” used a picture of himself storming the Capitol as his album cover. Now he is serving five months in prison.

Rapper Bugzie the Don is going to jail for his album cover. – Instagram /@bugziethedon_ & Pexels


the essentials in brief

  • A US rapper used a picture of himself storming the Capitol as his album cover.
  • “Bugzie the Don” now has to go to jail for five months.
  • Prosecutors even wanted to see him behind bars for 21 months.

Antionne Brodnax is the real name of the US rapper “Bugzie the Don”. He was rebuffed during the January 2021 storming of the Capitol. He then used the photo as the cover for an album (“The Capital”), which was released a year and a half ago.

Did you see the storming of the Capitol?

On Monday, a federal judge sentenced him to five months in prison. The public prosecutor’s office demanded that he be sentenced to 21 months for a minor offence Had to condemn.

According to TownFlex, Brodnax is a criminal past the reason Therefore. He’s already been convicted of manufacturing a controlled substance. He is also said to be in the states Virginia and Maryland owned a firearm.

His lawyer pushed to a suspended sentence with possible house arrest. She describes him as a “great asset to the community”. As an entrepreneur with a small clothing line and a music label, he brings added value to people.

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