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New Covid decree, “indispensable restrictions for variants”

The meeting between ministers Roberto Speranza and Maria Stella Gelmini with Regions, Anci and Upi on anti Covid measures has ended. Also on the table is the extension of the ban on travel between Regions, on the eve of tomorrow’s CDM: the government’s intention is to extend the stop to travel between regions by 30 days, according to sources present at the meeting. The current ban expires on February 25. At the meeting with the Minister for Regional Affairs Mariastella Gelmini and the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, the governors of Veneto, Luca Zaia, of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Massimiliano Fedriga, of Lombardy, Attilio Fontana, of Molise participated in videoconference. , Donato Toma, from Calabria, Nino Spirlì. The Commissioner for Health in Calabria Guido Longo is also connected. The issue of variants would also be addressed at tonight’s meeting. According to sources present at the meeting at Adnkronos, Minister Speranza would have made a picture – “quite gloomy”, it is explained – of the situation by specifying that it is not a question of alarming. Rather, the finding that before the vaccines do theirs, and as three variants spread (one of which, English, could be prevalent across Europe within a month), restrictions are imperative. Tomorrow the only measure under examination by the CDM will be the extension of the stop to travel between Regions, the Minister Gelmini would have pointed out – the Adnkronos learns from sources present at the meeting – during the meeting. “Tomorrow’s decree contains the ban on moving between regions, we will see what the government intends to do on this issue. The regions had already given a favorable opinion to extend the ban on moving for some time also due to the variations and we expect it to be confirmed at least until the new Dpcm “, said the president of the Liguria Region, Giovanni Toti, shortly before the meeting. “The birth of this new executive, far from representing a new political formula, is the expression of the need, felt, and I am convinced, by the country, of a true national unity in the fight against an enemy that unfortunately has already counted almost 100 thousand victims in our country “. According to what is learned, the Minister of Regional Affairs Mariastella Gelmini would have said, during the meeting with the Regions, Anci and Upi.” It would be wrong to imagine that the large majority that this executive has achieved in Parliament, the imprinting that generated it, the will to cement the action of political forces to counter such an insidious enemy, is not reflected also in all institutional levels of the state – Gelmini would add – No divisions are needed, solutions are needed “. “Tomorrow, at the Council of Ministers, I will bring the document sent to me by the Regions to the attention of the government,” said the minister. Here is the document with the proposals of the Regions and Autonomous Provinces for the next Government measures concerning the urgent measures to deal with the epidemiological emergency from Covid-19. The Regions and the Autonomous Provinces have learned with favor that the Government has put as the first point of its agenda a change of pace in the management of the emergency and the vaccination campaign, in the awareness that it represents a fundamental objective not only for the protection of health of all citizens but also for the economic revival and social cohesion of our country. Therefore, it is considered necessary that this new impetus can be concretely translated into the first provisions that the Government is preparing to adopt in this regard and, to this end, some first proposals are formulated. 1. The Regions and the Autonomous Provinces consider the vaccination campaign to be an absolute priority. The mechanism is going too slow, and this is not due to organizational problems, lack of personnel and structures or, at this stage, due to the unavailability of the population: the problem now lies in the supply of doses, which depends on the Government. It is therefore up to the Government to set up the new strategy to find an adequate number of vaccine doses and, in this regard, the Regions and the Autonomous Provinces ensure their total availability, in the forms and in the ways they deem appropriate, to collaborate. Furthermore, in relation to the need to acquire a greater number of vaccines, an evaluation of the direct involvement of our companies in the production process would be desirable and urgent, bearing in mind that there are national companies and supply chains capable of carrying out certain stages of production. Furthermore, it is also considered necessary to take the opportunity to evaluate the industrial repositioning of the manufacturing companies for both Europe and Italy. 2. In order to guarantee the country certainty about the measures that affect the economic activities and the lives of citizens, it is necessary to review the timing for the adoption of the measures for classifying the areas and the relative ordinances. They need to be known well in advance by the citizens and businesses of the various regional territories. It is also necessary to be able to plan the activities also through a different organization of the examination of the data of the control room, of the ordinances and of the relative effect. 3. It is considered essential to proceed with a revision of the parameters and the contextual revision of the zone system, in the sense of simplification, which also passes functionally from a revision of the protocols for regulating reopening, in an even more stringent sense where necessary. At this stage, a change of pace is needed to allow for the combination of health security measures with economic recovery and cultural and social activities. On the revision of the RT and its parameters, the Conference had already expressed itself, also in propositional terms and, therefore, it is necessary to resume that discussion and deepen it to verify, also from the experience gained, which can be the best solutions from the point of view technical-scientific. It is clear that if the vaccination campaign accelerates, RT gradually loses its relevance. 4. The prerequisite for making valid decisions is to identify a strategy that is based on objective technical-scientific elaborations on the basis of which politics will take responsibility for the decision. More stringent measures can be envisaged for specific territorial contexts where the parameters reveal significant deviations, based on the results of an objective analysis conducted by the CTS and the ISS. The general and specific limitations should in any case take into account the analysis of the experience conducted so far, evaluating the restrictions that have proved to be more or less effective, in order to better weigh which activities it is necessary to close or limit and which can be reopened, evaluating in this case, where necessary, also updated protocols. This solution is essential and opportune as some activities have been completely closed for several months and the prolongation of this situation would be fatal for them. In any case, it is necessary that the new and leaner mechanisms see a clearer definition by CTS and the ISS. 5. Structurally, the same provision that introduces restrictions for the country and then particular restrictions for individual territories, must also activate the indemnities and safeguard the responsibilities, guaranteeing contextuality regardless of who adopts the provision. In this regard, it is appropriate to extend the control room to the Ministers of Economic Development, Economy and Regional Affairs in order to measure the impact of decisions on citizens and businesses. It is also necessary to share the measures more and always guarantee compensation both in the case of restrictive measures at national and regional level. In this context it appears absolutely necessary to proceed with a clarification on the state and regional competences in order to align the timing and relative effectiveness. 6. Within the framework of the general and territorial epidemiological situation, it would be necessary to qualify school and university activities (like other activities) with a specific risk numbering, also taking into account the objective data of the contagion in educational institutions and in the territorial context of reference. In any case, forms of parental leave must be implemented, as well as providing additional economic resources to support parents, in the event of the closure of schools of all levels due to worsening of the epidemiological situation. It is also necessary for each Region to be able to guarantee vaccination for its resident and assisted teachers, regardless of the Region in which they work. Four requests made by the president of ANCI, Antonio Decaro, on behalf of the mayors, during the summit between government and autonomies. “The system of parameters to establish the limits on a certain basis works, has made the curve keep under control and has prevented us from a new generalized lockdown. For this reason we believe that it should remain in force, even if the indices to be used can be modified on the based on the indications of the scientific authorities at the technical table with the Regions “. Then the request that “restaurants, provided they comply with strict protocols on distances, must be able to reopen even in the evening: the consumption at the table ensures greater safety conditions than the gatherings that unfortunately are created outside the premises that provide the take-away service of drinks, especially with the arrival of summer “. “We must work immediately on a vaccination plan capable of managing the mass vaccination that we are confident we will have to organize from March. A plan that, in order to work, must involve the mayors for the use of municipal facilities that allow the concentration of numerous vaccination points, such as the sports halls “. And finally: “It is necessary to proceed quickly with the financing of the new refreshment points”. “We had asked the Government for a change of pace in the management of the epidemic and a positive signal arrives from tonight’s meeting. The unitary document with the proposals of the Regions will be brought to the Council of Ministers tomorrow by Minister Gelmini, whom I thank for having already summoned us tonight together with Minister Speranza. Proposals that in the next few days will be discussed between the government and the regions in view of the new Dpcm in early March “. So Stefano Bonaccini, president of Emilia-Romagna and of the Conference of the Regions in a post on Fb at the end of the meeting with the government. “Vaccines absolute priority – underlined Bonaccini -. We are going too slow and the reason is only one: the machine is ready, but the doses are lacking. We therefore ask the Government to change strategy to recover as many vaccines as possible, immediately evaluating involve Italian companies and realities in the production phase as well. There is no time to waste, it is about protecting the health of all of us, starting with the weakest subjects “. Massimiliano Fedriga was also satisfied: “The analysis and comparison of which sectors must be reopened and which must remain closed were marked by reasonableness, taking into account that some of these activities have been stopped for months, and without any prejudiced position”, said the governor of Friuli Venezia Giulia. During the meeting, the Minister of Regional Affairs Maria Stella Gelmini assured that another summit will be scheduled very soon to define in detail the criteria for the implementation of the system of rules for the management and containment of the pandemic in view of the adoption of the next Dpcm. Fedriga for his part underlined the importance, shared by all the presidents of the Region, of a change of pace for the vaccination campaign. The need for communication of the new measures that will be adopted compatible, in terms and timing, with the organizational needs of the categories affected by the measures was also agreed.

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