Reading competition at the Werkmeister Gymnasium Neresheim

The sixth grade of the Werkmeister Gymnasium Neresheim determined the school winner in the reading competition of the German book trade. Fiona Roßmann from class 6b and Johanna Wiest from class 6a were the class winners who entered the competition.

First of all, Johanna Wiest read from “The three !!! – Heuler in Not ”by Maja von Vogel, before Fiona Roßmann read a text from“ Stella Montgomery and the magical images of Wakestone Hall ”by Judith Rossell. They also had to face an unknown text.

The jury’s decision was anything but easy. The tight decision fell in favor of Johanna Wiest. The school winner of the high school is now facing the next challenge, she will take part in the district decision by the end of February.

The reading competition has been held since 1959. This year, the conditions were tightened, after all, you had to read with a mask.

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