Reason Addison’s coming back

One more time Greys Anatomy temporada 18 is in the trends. And it is that after the return of this medical series, many questions are being raised about why they bring back apersonajes como Addison Montgomery who was unexpectedly fired on delivery 8.

And the answer to it was offered Krista Vernoff, showrunner of this space that for years has captivated audiences. She refers to the fact that there is a fundamental aspect about the arrival of actress Kate Walsh. that before had not been able to be included, since the actress was busy fulfilling other professional roles.

That is why, in this shocking installment he marks his return, as well as that of other figures such as Ellis Grey who, beyond turning the plot upside down, will justify many of the actions that will be seen in the next chapters.

Reason Addison is returning to Grays Anatomy season 18

At Vernoff’s discretion, for this new season, the medical drama had to be enhanced and the best way to achieve this was by using the formula used in the last installment. in which the most beloved faces were on screen, unleashing thousands of positive reactions and generating increasingly fruitful audiences for the program.

It is because of that Addison was a reference for the fans of this medical series, as she said goodbye to the story without a compelling justification and her absence was noted at the wake of her Derek and he was not there for the birth of the son of his friend and ex-sister-in-law Amelia.

This raised many doubts, however, the reasons were argued on the basis that Kate Walsh was busy in her professional schedule and therefore could not make an appearance in these significant opportunities for the public.

Addison’s Return to Grays Anatomy

Once it was known that Walsh would be back social networks collapsed before the excitement of this return in which, in addition, this doctor will not make it so easy for Meredith, since once again there will be quarrels and other differences between them who always fought Derek’s love.

However, according to what Vernoff expressed, this call to season 18 responds to the idea of ​​showing an innovative professional aspect for the series, since Addison will be the one who will conduct the clinical trial to obtain the license or approval to perform the first uterus transplant at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital.

With this, this specialist retakes her command in the area of ​​surgery and is supported by Richard Webber who makes the request to instruct or train new generations of residents with this topic so innovative and important for medicine.

This fills the fans with emotion who will also be able to appreciate the professionalism that remains intact in this woman that will also add more drama to Greys Anatomy, place where he won the affection, respect and admiration of the public.

It is also expected that she I managed to smooth the rough edges with Meredith that the past left them, but this will be possible only if both do their part and manage to overcome so many conflicts or damages that were done during the stage in which they fought over the same man.

With this, more surprises are expected, because if something is clear about its creator Shonda Rhimes is to continue making a difference to a project that kept her in the industry for so long and with which it has managed to position itself in the current competition in which more and more series of this nature have appeared.

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