Records of new cases and hospitalizations in Florida

The health situation is deteriorating in Florida, where only 52% of citizens are fully immunized.

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“We have never had so many cases and deaths in Florida since the start of the pandemic,” reports Marie Poupart, TVA Nouvelles employee in West Palm Beach.

“The CDC on Friday reported more than 151,000 cases in one week, 1,737 deaths. Are you saying that we have about 22,000 cases per day of COVID-19 and about 243 deaths. “

In terms of hospitalizations, the state is experiencing a slight decrease, from 17,000 people hospitalized, there are now just over 16,000. The intensive care units are filled to 93% of their capacity. Most people who are in the hospital are not vaccinated.

With an abnormal number of deaths, mortuaries and funeral homes are no longer able to keep up with demand. Families are denied services.

Marie Poupart explains that there are 14 refrigerated trailers that will be directed to hospitals in central Florida because mortuaries and funeral homes fail to supply. The situation is similar in Palm Beach County where Ms. Poupart resides.

Governor Ron DeSantis lost a battle over wearing masks in schools on Friday.

“He wanted to ban schools from imposing masks, so it was forbidden. The parents complained in court, and a judge rendered his decision on Friday, ”she notes.

“DeSantis has exceeded his jurisdiction, he has misinterpreted the law and science, so schools will now be able to impose the wearing of masks in classrooms.”

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