“Red Torch” will give a concert with good songs to help the Children’s Home

Every resident of Novosibirsk can help children from the Children’s Home. Hygiene items and money are being collected in the foyer of the Red Torch Theater. And on Saturday, January 16, there will be a charity concert. The actors will sing songs and show a mini-performance.

Viola Yangol

13:35, 14 January 2021

Giving a charity music concert with kind and light songs is already a tradition. The action “Be kind” is carried out to help the Orphanage # 1. The Red Torch Theater has once again become a platform for collecting funds and necessary things.

“Our concert for us, artists, is an opportunity to somehow participate in helping someone who needs it – these very wonderful children. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we agree to this event always, every year, ”said Denis Kazantsev, actor of the Red Torch theater.

The concert is special – it is held once a year. The date was not chosen by chance – it is after the New Year holidays that I want to extend my faith in something good.

“Of course, when you go on stage, it’s a special feeling. If you play a play in the same cafe, you play as a spectator. And here you go out with a kind of trepidation, you understand that a piece of your soul saves lives and helps someone. This is, of course, very cool, “says Andrei Yakovlev, actor of the Red Torch Theater.

“Red Torch” has been helping orphanages for many years. But the idea of ​​the concert did not come immediately. When we decided to try it, we were surprised that many people responded.

“It was especially pleasant that not only the actors and artists of the theater“ Red Torch ”responded, but also the artists of the city, artists not only of theaters, but also freely performing; Musically equipped and gifted people took part in our concert. Every year our repertoire changes, every year we have new participants, “said the actress of the Red Torch Theater Daria Emelyanova.

Not only adult actors, but also young talents try to help young children from the Children’s Home. For example, last year the son of Daria Emelyanova performed for the first time.

Anyone can help – tickets to a charity concert there is also… It will take place on January 16 at 22:00 at the Red Torch cafe. In the lobby of the theater, you can leave the essentials for children under four years old.

Details are in the Novosibirsk News story:

Video: nsknews.info

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