Redfall: An earlier-than-expected release date for the highly anticipated Xbox exclusive?

Expected by many Xbox players around the world, Redfall is the next FPS from Arkane studios. After developing Dishonored, Prey, then the mythical Deathloop, the company seems this time to have turned to a hybrid FPS / RPG game as explained by Harvey Smith, director of Arkane. Question intrigue, Redfall will immerse its players in the city of the same name in Massachusetts, cut off from the outside world by a legion of vampires. A dark story that will be brought to Xbox Series X|S and PC by four main protagonists. As you will have understood, the horrific production will be present on the vast Game Pass catalog. But then, when will players be able to go annihilate vampire?

After a push…

Announced for Summer 2022 at E3 2021, Redfall was pushed back over the past year by Arkane/Bethesda Studios. The company then planned an exit window during the first half of 2023. The main cause of this postponement, an overflow of ambition and above all a desire of the developers to provide the best version of their future production.

“The teams at Arkane Austin (Redfall) and Bethesda Game Studios (Starfield) have incredible ambitions for their games, and we want to make sure you receive the best, most polished versions of these games.”

As we now enter that famous first half of 2023, some sources seem to be giving players a slightly more precise output window. Still a little patience because the zombie zigouillage is not so far anymore.

…A glimmer of hope ?

It’s a Tweet from Okami Games, a well-known journalist in the gaming industry, which has put some hope back in the hearts of Redfall fans. He claims to have had access to key information regarding the release of the game: Redfall would be released in early May, after being pushed back another six weeks. Information not confirmed by the Xbox / Microsoft teams. Okami then adds: “Xbox will be able to announce the release date when they are ready”. A supposed release in early May therefore for Redfall which was supported by the online magazine Windowscentralgradually confirming the information of the English-speaking journalist.

“Update on Redfall release date.

I heard it was pushed back internally by about 6 weeks. The release is currently scheduled for early May.

It’s bad news but I’m sure it’s for the best.”



In a previous Tweet, the journalist also announced early access for players who pre-ordered Redfall or having purchased the Deluxe Edition. For the moment, all this information is to be taken with a grain of salt and we will of course have to wait for an official announcement from Microsoft in order to be sure. Still, the release of Redfall seems imminent and there’s a good chance the company will make an announcement very soon. The vampire hunters are waiting…


Redfall: 20 impressive minutes of video for Arkane’s most ambitious game

Arkane Studios Austin recently released a new Redfall video yesterday from QuakeCon 2022 that offers a very in-depth look at the open world vampire game. The trailer reveals the vampiric open world as we have never seen it before.

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