Redfall is more like Far Cry than Left 4 Dead, according to its creators. This will be the exclusive of Arkane for Xbox

Xbox Game Studios It has kept many cards in hand for 2023. In part, due to the uncertainty surrounding the Activision acquisition, but also in order to offer a resounding hit on the table with Game Pass as a workhorse. Starfield and Forza Motorsport are the most anticipated releases, as far as we know, but there are more games that can give the bell. Starting by Redfall.

Akrake, who have earned a more than deserved vote of confidence after being crowned with the saga Dishonored, Prey or the recent Deathloophas sat down to talk about his next project with GamesRadar leaving really interesting notes. From the start, they have defined the scenario of the game itself as a “big open world of noses” (big-ass open world). For reference, it will be bigger than the Talos I we saw in Prey. And in the playable?

The normal thing, the natural thing, is to think that Redfall will follow in the wake of Left 4 Dead o Back 4 Blood. Its experience is multiplayer for up to four survivors, we will have to make our way among the living dead – in this case vampires – and there is a special emphasis on the shooter nuances and the cooperative component. However, it seems that the comparisons start and end there: Ricardo Bare of Arkane ensures that Redfall is not the game we think it will be.

It is perfectly understandable that someone would reach such conclusions. There are four playable characters, you can play together cooperatively and you go against the walking dead. But, in terms of the way you play and experience Redfall, it’s nothing like those games. Redfall is more like Far Cry

You are in a big open world of noses. We have a base of operations where you can talk to NPCs and get side quests. You can go to the quest table and choose quests based on the story of the game. Or you can give a shit about none of that and just walk out; pick a direction, start moving your butt and run towards the things of the world full of life that we have.

The key to understanding this comparison is given by Harvey Smith. First of all, just like the games of Far CryRedfall is set in the city of the same name, located on a Massachusetts island designed to quickly familiarize the player with the environment and take advantage of the possibilities of open world.

Arkane’s Demonic Purge Is Also Xbox’s Workhorse

Team Walk

Despite the fact that there is a supernatural component source, as it is a large-scale vampiric purge, the truth is that it is not at all common that in Arkane video games we end up exploring environments relatively common.

When we started Redfall, we wanted to tackle a familiar place. For a change. We wanted to put a familiar environment on the table and delve into it.

Redfall Island should be a place where, after hours of exploring, you feel like you know it the way you know Talos or Dunwall. What would happen if we took all our experience, and our creative values, and put it in an open world?

In fact, Smith points out that it will be those moments of free exploration beyond the game missions that will offer the real difference compared to the studio’s previous works.

You’ll want to see if you can get into that barn you found, scale a fire lookout tower you spotted in the distance, or try to break into a house to read all the notes scattered inside.

Some of Redfall’s most powerful moments come from wandering around, taking in the world, and getting caught up in its high action, even for a while. That was the atmosphere we set out to create from the start.

One of the elements to take into account Redfall It is that, despite the fact that it has been designed to be played with up to three game partners, the game experience and the campaign can be enjoyed alone. But, of course, we would be giving up a good part of the game’s fun. In fact, all four players will be able to choose the same character. A point in favor of the game.


Logically, without a good playable experience and a satisfactory gunplay, everything else will go to waste. Luckily, facing this project, Arkane not only has its own experience, but they have had an exceptional reinforcement: nothing less than part of the iD Software teamcreators of DOOM.

There is a level of effort that you have to put into a shooter to achieve a minimum experience, because you will inevitably be compared to all other shooters if your weapons don’t feel right. So we got information from some of our sister studios; the people who worked on Doom came in and gave us feedback several times, things like that, and we’re very happy with the results.

We have the usual assortment of weapons, like assault rifles and stuff, many of which are rigged by the locals.

Redfall is one of the games to keep track of in a devastating 2023. Not only because it is the new project of Arkane, who surpass themselves with each new job, but because he aspires to be one of the greatest ambassadors of Game Pass and, by extension, of the great plan of Xbox Game Studios. And, if there are no surprises, we will not take long to put the glove on him.

It is expected that Redfall be available on Xbox Series X / S and PC throughout the first half of 2023being included in the Game Pass for launch consoles and computers.

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