Redfall – Towards a release of Redfall in May?

Initially expected for the end of 2022, Redfall had seen its release date lost in a vague “first half of 2023”. However, we now know a little more.

Redfall was originally expected in 2022, before its release date was pushed back to a “first half of 2023” wave. Massachusetts, however, may not be far away. According to the information of the always well-informed Jez Corden of Windows Central which echoes an anonymous internal source, Redfall is finally about to come out of the ground after a few months of silence. Since the presentation of his” title=”


English term difficult to translate designating both the set of rules governing the game and the pleasure of the game. An MMOG with innovative gameplay will offer a unique gaming experience to the player. Similarly, a game claiming “good gameplay” will be fun and engaging.

“>gameplay during an Xbox event last June, the title had not really resurfaced. In parallel with a future more detailed presentation of the cooperative action game expected in the coming days, the developer Arkane Studios also expected to announce a release, obviously slated for next May (probably around 4).

L’insider thus indicates that in addition to a standard edition, expected on PC and Xbox Series X/S, but also on the Game Pass, a Deluxe edition should allow you to discover the title a week in advance. If this release in the spring is confirmed, it is finally in agreement with the initial announcements of Bethesdawhich will therefore deliver its new game exclusively on the platforms operated by its owner, namely Microsoft.

Remember that in RedFall, we will be able to face evil vampires in cooperation with up to four players. Each character will have their own weapons and abilities. But Arkane Austin (Prey) promised it: the title should be realizable in” title=”


Neologism generally designating a player or a class of character playing alone, or even the fact of succeeding in defeating an opponent without the help of his comrades in arms. Some character classes are known for their “solo” abilities (rogue classes, most commonly – see Snape – with certain spellcasters).

“>soloalthough it is highly recommended to discover it with your friends online.

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