Redon. The 12th Readers’ Choice Awards Alabama 1963

Redon agglomeration and the network of media libraries of the country of Redon organized, from March 5 to November 6, the twelfth price of readers. More than 250 participants voted for their favorite book from a selection of eight books.

For the proclamation of the results at the Conservatoire Le 7, on Saturday, the company Le Ventre was commissioned to concoct a show where the selected works were implicitly found: the story of two visitors from the future in search of an object mythical, the book. By eating a page of a book, the characters found themselves projected into the work. They thus explored the world of reading by going from book to book.

This year the prize was awarded to Alabama 1963a detective novel by Ludovic Manchette and Christian Niemiec, which tells the investigation of the murder of a little black girl, led by an alcoholic and racist private detective with the help of his black cleaning lady.

The public had exchanged with the authors in Pipriac, on September 24, during one of the meetings organized by the network of media libraries.

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