Reds Shogo Akiyama outfielder (32), who is celebrating his second major year, celebrated his first day of camp in Goodyear, Arizona on the 22nd (23rd Japan time). Before the general practice, he talked about his aspirations for this season at an online press conference.

Last season, which was held in 60 official games, batting average was 20%, 4 minutes, 5 bases, and 7 stolen bases. In September of the second half of the game, he recovered his batting average with a monthly batting average of 30%, 1 minute and 7 minutes, and an on-base percentage of 40%, 5 minutes and 6 minutes. Is tough. During the off period, continue training while being aware of the power and speed of major pitchers. “The power applied to one swing has changed consciously. I think we have to prepare for everything that will lead to results.”

The key to stabilizing participation opportunities was to take measures against left-handed pitchers. Last season, the batting average of his right arm was 20%, 5 minutes and 4 minutes, while his left arm suffered 10% and 9 minutes. “Last year I didn’t get any results. If I can’t hit the right side, I can’t talk more.” He showed his left arm stance to greedily seek results from the stage of the open battle.

The open match will start on the 28th (March 1st) against the Indians.