Rehabilitation center “Crafts” hosted a photo contest “My family – happy moments”

The wards of the Center took part in the competition. Photos of amazing beauty, where you can see love, warmth, happiness, joy and support of loved ones, were published in the Center’s group in “In contact with”.

Ekaterina Lobanova, a representative of the Public Council of the Savelki district, head of the Department of Social and Pedagogical Rehabilitation of the State Budgetary Institution of Education and Science “Crafts”, says: “The main thing in my life is my family, which is already 38 years old. I have a wonderful husband, two daughters and five grandchildren. All my professional activities are aimed at making the life of Zelenograd residents interesting and eventful.”

Under the leadership of Ekaterina Lobanova, the rehabilitation programs “Youth business platform”, “We are stronger than circumstances”, “Understand yourself”, “How to achieve the goal”, “Magic world of sand and fairy tales” were developed. The program “Dolls come to life in the hands of a child” was published in the international collection of best social practices.

Ekaterina Ivanovna was awarded with diplomas and thanks from the prefect of ZelAO Anatoly Nikolaevich Smirnov, the head of the municipality of the Silino district, the head of the Department of Social Protection of the Population of ZelAO, the head of the institution of the State Budgetary Institution of the TsSO “Zelenogradsky”, the head of the institution. At the end of 2020, Ekaterina Ivanovna was awarded the gratitude of the head of the DTSZN E.P. Struzhak.

– Strength and support are family, joy and pleasure are love, confidence is fidelity. And all together – these are the most valuable values ​​for a person, – says Ekaterina Lobanova. – May there be peace and prosperity in every family, many pleasant stories, may children please their parents, and parents be proud of their children, may happiness and love reign in every home! Take care of each other.

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