Reliq Health Technologies, Inc. announces eight new US contracts in California, Nevada and Texas

“We are very pleased to be able to further expand our presence in California, Nevada and Texas,” says Dr. Lisa Crossley, CEO of Reliq Health Technologies, Inc. “Reliq continues to attract new customers through referrals from existing customers who know firsthand how effective the platform is in improving health outcomes, reducing hospitalizations and lowering healthcare costs. According to data collected from our customers, patients using iUGO Care require more than 80% fewer hospitalizations than patients with the same chronic conditions who do not use iUGO Care. Hospitalizations are the main cost driver for this patient group, so this is a very powerful metric. Especially during the current RSV-COVID-Influenza ‘triple epidemic’, it is vital that patients stay at home and not hospitalized to reduce the risk of contracting these highly contagious diseases and the associated complications Preventing risk patients with chronic diseases. These eight new customers are expected to result in more than 5,000 patients being added to our platform by mid-2023, at an average revenue of $65 per patient per month at a gross margin of 75%. Onboarding of these patients is expected to begin later this month.”

Reliq Health

Left Health Technologies is
ein wachstumsstarkes global tätrun away health technology company,
das sich auf
die Entwicklandg von innovativen Lancestorungen forr die virtuelthe Gesundhnotsversorgandg im mehrere Mbillion Doll schwerin Gesanddhnotgreasekt spezializationrt hat. The powerful iUGO Care platform developed by Reliq supports the coordination of care services and citizen-oriented virtual healthcare. iUGO Care offers patients with complex health problems high-quality care in their own homes, on the one hand to enable faster recovery and an improvement in the quality of life of patients and their families, and on the other hand to reduce care and support costs. iUGO Care enables remote transmission of patient monitoring data in real time, enabling treatment staff to intervene in good time and thus avoid costly hospital admissions and emergency doctor calls. Die Aktien von Reliq Health Technologies werden an dis Börwith TSX Venture untis dem
Börwithnkürzthe RHT, am OTC-Markt untis
dem Börwithnsymbol RQHTF and on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange andtis dis WKN A2AJTB gehandelt.


„Dr. Lisa Crossley“

CEO & Director

Reliq Health Technologies Inc.

#406A – 175 Longwood Rd S

Hamilton, ON, L8P 0A1

Tel.: (888) 869-1362

Fax: (647) 317-1929

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