Report Record Number of Coronavirus Cases in Arizona | Video | Univision Phoenix KTVW

been following up on


17,234 new cases

reported today Sunday. no only

it is a record there is less and less

beds in the hospitals of the

state. The last weeks

arizona has seen new cases

alarming coronavirus. today

se rompó écord. maricopa

occupied the third case at the


people have led

carry out activities with your

families. this has spread the


o reported 17,334 new

positive cases and zero deaths

to not cope. there is the

case in which we can not

treat patients. we will have

to decide for whom is the

last bed. we have talked and

we have done drills.

let’s hope we don’t get there.

according to the most recent report,

there are only 127 beds available

in the care rooms


We can answer.

the government invested in this

to give access to all

citizens. let’s take advantage. is

something that gives us the opportunity.

speed up the process of

distribution and vaccination for

that we all have access to

vaccine which is free. yes

need help with food or

pay for water or electricity, call

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