Republicans sue Vice President Mike Pence in an attempt to force him to overturn US election result

By : LIANG Chen| Keywords : United States-politician | Updated on 29-12-2020

In an unlikely attempt to overturn the US election result, Louie Gohmert and several other Republican members of the House of Representatives on Monday filed a lawsuit against Vice President Mike Pence, who is due to chair a congressional meeting intended to finalize the president’s victory. elected Democrat Joe Biden.

These lawsuits, which were also joined by Arizona Republican Party President Kelli Ward, relate in particular to Mr. Pence’s official powers as vice-president. According to the 1887 law on the electoral count, the vice-president must indeed chair on January 6 a meeting of the Congress intended to count the votes of the large voters and to finalize the victory of Joe Biden over the incumbent President Donald Trump. This meeting is however a formality which is essentially ceremonial in character.

The lawsuit filed by the Republicans asks, among other things, Jeremy Kernodle, a federal judge in Texas, to grant Mr. Pence “exclusive authority and sole power” to decide which votes in a given state should or should not be counted.

Republicans argued that the current Electoral Tally Act violates the 12th Amendment to the US Constitution, which states that “the President of the Senate shall, in the presence of the Senate and the House of Representatives, open all certifications results before the votes are counted “. In the United States, the vice-president is also president of the Senate.

When the grand voters of all states in the United States voted on Dec. 14 to elect Joe Biden as president, Republican “grand voters”, competing with the official Democratic grand voters, voted for Mr. Trump in order to disrupt the electoral process in such a way as to disrupt the electoral process. States like Arizona. The Republicans’ complaint urged Mr. Pence to recognize those votes rather than the true Democratic votes.

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“Considering the existence of competing groups of voters in the state of Arizona and other disputed states, the 12th Amendment makes it clear that (…) Vice President Pence has the authority to determine which group of voters voters count or not in a given state, “according to Republicans.

The majority of legal experts believe that there is little chance that this trial will succeed. Professor Laurence Tribe of Harvard Law School even said on Twitter that it was “the dumbest lawsuit ever”.

Joe Biden won the November 3 presidential election with a lead of more than 7 million votes, and obtained 306 votes in the electoral college, against 232 for Donald Trump.

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