Republicans: The Mission of Ron DeSantis


Status: 11/11/2022 4:38 p.m

Republican Ron DeSantis is one of the big winners of the congressional elections – and is considered a promising presidential candidate. Who is the Ultra Conservative?

Von Florian Mayer, ARD-Studio Washington

If you want to know what makes Ron DeSantis tick, you only had to listen to him for almost ten minutes on election night. In his acceptance speech, the re-elected governor of Florida made it absolutely clear what he stands for: “We choose facts over fears.”

While he accused the White House and medical advisers of “panic mongering” with regard to their corona policy, DeSantis created his own facts in his state: no masks, no compulsory vaccination, hardly any lockdown. According to the US Department of Health, more than 80,000 people have died as a result of a corona infection.

DeSantis: “Education instead of indoctrination”

“We choose education over indoctrination,” Ron DeSantis called out to his supporters on election night. It is the second major pillar of his political agenda. The ultra-conservative 44-year-old is one of the loudest politicians in the US when it comes to the fact that left-liberal, “woke” groups – as he calls them – supposedly dictate to Americans what is still said publicly and in schools may be taught. And DeSantis sees it as its mission to prevent that.

In March, the governor passed the Parents’ Rights in Schools Act, better known as the Don’t Say Gay Act. This dictates schools from which grades onwards sexual orientation and gender identity can be discussed.

Hard immigration policy

The ex-Navy lawyer with Iraq experience presents himself as a tough defender of ultra-conservative positions. And the third pillar of his political agenda is based on a classic topic: illegal immigration. “We choose law and order over riots and lawlessness,” DeSantis said in his speech.

Without further ado, he put suspected illegal immigrants on a specially chartered plane and sent them to the holiday island of Martha’s Vineyard. The fact that, according to research by the “New York Times”, he spent twelve million dollars from Florida’s state budget for this, the immigrants did not come from Florida at all, but from Texas and were also lured onto the plane with false promises, went under.

These could be the best conditions for working with ex-President Donald Trump. At least on paper. In political reality things are different.

“Ron Hypocritical” Trump called the governor of Florida during the election campaign. Because the father of three, Yale and Harvard graduate, who, unlike Trump, started his political career in the classic way, does not play by Trump’s rules.

He circumvents Trump’s election lie

He skilfully circumvents Trump’s lie about the supposedly stolen 2020 election. There were no mistakes in Florida. Ron DeSantis emphasized that the election couldn’t have gone better. The ultra-conservative deliberately stays away from Trump. But that doesn’t apply to his supporters, the “Trumpists”.

And because he appears more accommodating and doer in his governorship, he also offers the more moderate Republicans a platform that has potential for a race for the presidency in 2024. And he knows all this: “There is still so much to do – and I’ve only just started to fight.”

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