Republicans with ‘the Senate’ intend to refuse to endorse Biden’s victory

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This is despite the fact that, on December 14, the Electoral College approved it superior in the elections by 306 votes against 232 for the outgoing president, Donald Trump.

And 10 Republican members of the “elders” said, in a statement, that they “intend to reject the electoral college votes, until the completion of a 10-day emergency audit of the election results in the disputed states,” according to what was reported by the American “CNN” network.

The statement added that “an honest and reliable audit, which is carried out quickly, and will be completed before January 20 this year, would greatly improve the confidence of Americans in our electoral process, and greatly enhance the legitimacy of who will become our next president.”

The members saw that the Congress vote on January 6 “is the only remaining constitutional authority to consider the multiple allegations of serious voter fraud and impose its dissolution,” according to the statement.

The group includes Senator Ted Cruz from Texas, Ron Johnson from Wisconsin, James Lancford from Oklahoma, Steve Dines from Montana, John Kennedy from Louisiana, Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee, Mike Brown from Indiana and Elected Senator Cynthia Loomis from Wyoming. Roger Marshall is from Kansas, Bill Hagerty is from Tennessee, and Tommy Toberville is from Alabama.

The House and Senate meet next Wednesday, to confirm the outcome of Biden’s victory, in a mechanism that is considered traditional, but Trump still refuses to acknowledge his defeat, and called on his supporters to gather in Washington on the aforementioned day.

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