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Rating: 3.5 / 5

The T-Virus has spread rapidly worldwide, so that the earth is now almost exclusively inhabited by zombies. Still, some people managed to survive. One of them is a convoy led by soldiers Carlos Olivera (Oded Fehr) and Claire Redfield (Ali Larter). In the Nevada desert they meet the mysterious Alice (Milla Jovovich), who has found records that there are still people living in Alaska. The group decides to travel there together, but first wants to replenish supplies in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, the unscrupulous Dr. Isaacs (Iain Glen) continues to find an antidote for the T virus. As an employee of the Umbrella Corporation, he continues to work in an underground laboratory, but absolutely needs a blood sample from Alice in order to advance his research.

The Resident Evil-Franchise has clearly entered the modern age with this film. The landscapes have never looked better, the zombies more detailed and the action more powerful. What is visually very reminiscent of a Michael Bay film in parts, does not require constant backlighting and has actually aged relatively well over the years. In addition, the desert joins the main scene of the spectacle, which some people could certainly find boring in the long run.

However, while movies like Mad Max: Fury Road can stretch their empty Anarchio pack over two hours, so it lasts Highlander-Director Russell Mulcahy on the franchise Credo, and ends after a good 90 minutes of film. That makes the film fast, dynamic and entertaining.

As always, this film could be blamed for repeating itself somehow in the franchise. Because the group of survivors around Oded Fehr and Ali Larter couldn’t be less interesting. Of course, it should also be possible to ask whether this is really decisive. I mean yes. Because if the story and characters aren’t bursting with ingenuity, what is left? In any case, another teaser for the next part and a romaze between LJ (Mike Epps) and Betty (Ashanti). Why I am highlighting this. Well, on the one hand it’s because it’s as clichéd as a host at Sunday service. On the other hand, it is perhaps indicative of horror films. Because one should ask oneself why sex is so often punished with death in such. It’s kind of conservative for films that actually want to shock with excessive images.

Put that aside and you get the usual, entertaining trash festival. Milla Jovovich seems to have completely lost the joy of the game, especially in this part, and is standing around blankly. That being said, Iain Glen, as Dr. Convince Isaacs again, and finally gets the necessary screen time. The zombies are still cool, and the desert setting is actually very refreshing too.

That leads to Resident Evil – Extinction keeps the franchise fresh and still gives me pleasure personally. Actually and in terms of content it borders on B-movie, but let’s be honest. These films are simply nothing else. The film is surprisingly easy to look away from, and is exactly what a blockbuster wants to be: entertaining. Again, there are no signs of fatigue and you take the strengths of the predecessor and keep them.

Resident Evil – Extinction rating

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