Retirees Must Travel Miles From Home For Covid Vaccines

In one case, an 88-year-old woman from Berkhamsted in Hertfordshire was invited to come to Stevenage for her jab. His son said it was a 30 mile trip that would require his mother Shirley Selwyn to take two trains.

He said: “We decided to take him for the shot, but what about the people who can’t? This will deter many people from getting the vaccine, which certainly defeats its purpose. It’s a mixed message to ask people to stay home and expect them to leave their homes to get vaccinated. “

He said when questioning the letter he was told his mother may have the vaccine closer to home but that she would have to wait until an appointment is available.

Mary McGarry, of Leamington Spa in Warwickshire, said she was advised to take her husband, who has cancer and lung disease, 20 miles from Birmingham.

She said: “We are very reluctant to go to Birmingham city center. We are protecting because of my husband. Why do we have to travel so far? ”


In addition to Stevenage, vaccination centers have been set up at Epsom Racecourse in Surrey and at the Excel Center in East London.

The NHS says that if appointments at the new centers aren’t convenient, people can be vaccinated more locally later.

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