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Ricky Rubio has returned to play an official match after more than a year in the dry dock. Specific, 380 days after tearing the anterior cruciate ligament of the left kneeone of the most serious injuries that a basketball player can face. That December 29, 2021, Ricky had stellar numbers against the New Orleans Pelicans: 27 points, 13 rebounds, 9 assists… The point guard from El Masnou was in a sweet moment with the Cleveland Cavaliers, in which he had multiplied his abilities of leadership, with a greater contribution in attack, in addition to his well-known defensive and distributive qualities. Ricky had earned the respect of his teammates, his coaches, the fans… he was, and is, a much-loved player. That is why the Cavs did not hesitate to rescue him, after sending him in a market operation to the Indiana Pacers, a shirt that he never wore. The Spaniard felt important again in Cleveland, after that buffeting by several teams to which he was subjected after leaving the Phoenix Suns. He feels at home.

Rubio has returned with a performance that is still far from those sublime figures, but with flashes reminiscent of the best Ricky: 9 points, 3 rebounds, 1 assist and no losses, with two triples, in the 10:27 minutes he was on the field. His technician, JB Bickerstaff, praised his work and recalled a detail: “His peers just love him.” In this work environment, Ricky will find it easier to return to who he was. The National Team will also appreciate his return, in an important year with the World Cup in the background, where Spain defends the 2019 title and Ricky defends his status as MVP. That championship where the Catalan point guard led the team to the top and was crowned number one. Basketball is a better sport with its return.

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