Ring cameras hacked to prank police

According to the Department of Justice, two men allegedly hacked into Ring cameras in an attempt to mock local police.

Indeed, swatters have managed to hack Ring security cameras. The ministry says the two men called James Thomas Andrew McCarthy et Kya Christian Nelson had only one objective: to taunt the police by spreading jokes on social networks.

False alarms to lure the police into their trap

Nelson and McCarthy would have had theaccess to the email addresses of the owners of these cameras Ring and started compromising more than 10 cameras. ” The two swatters canulad the police. These would indeed be false reports for lead to armed intervention. In one week, 12 Ring cameras were hacked said city prosecutors.

It was by hacking into the Yahoo accounts of their victims that McCarthy and Nelson could broadcast the police response to theappel de swatting. On November 8, the two criminals struck again, sending the police a report about a minor having problems with his parents who were drinking and shooting gunshots in their house. When authorities arrived on the scene, Nelson used the Ring camera to threaten and taunt the police.

Twelve Ring Camera Hacking Attacks in One Week

Also according to prosecutors, Nelson and McCarthy were merely mocking the police by accessing the camera while the latter responded to their call. This same type of incident would have taken place more than ten times in a week. Eleven other shots were also led by the Nelson-McCarthy duo, notably in California, Virginia, Texas, Alabama and Florida, etc.

Ring cameras hacked

If users had enabled thetwo-factor authentication (2FA), none of this probably would have happened. It was in 2020 that Ring implemented a two-factor authorization system. This is in order to optimize the security of Ring cameras.

Anyway, after their indictment, Nelson will face two charges: hacking and aggravated identity theft. McCarthy’s accusation points to a conspiracy to access the victims’ Yahoo accounts without permission.

Nelson, 21, is today incarcerated in Kentucky for another matter. For your information, conspiracies are punishable by up to five years of imprisonment. Identity theft on his part carries a mandatory two-year sentence. The two queers, Nelson and McCarthy should indeed serve their sentences after the judge renders his decision. In the meantime, an investigation is still ongoing and the FBI is still on the way.



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