Rites and rituals for the Old New Year 2021 for money, love and wish fulfillment

Old New Year – the night from 13 to 14 January – full of mysteries and mysticism

Old New Year – the night from 13 to 14 January – is full of mysteries and mysticism. Desires that are made on this night often come true, and rituals and conspiracies work. At least our ancestors believed in it.

Old New Year’s Eve is perfect for magical rites and rituals that attract good luck, health, wealth, and love! After all, fortune-telling and conspiracies for the Old New Year are unusually strong and effective.

On this magical night, anyone can become a wizard and sculptor of their own destiny!

Old New Year rituals

Ritual for money

A very simple and effective ritual that can only be performed on the Old New Year. It requires a little preparation.

A few days before the Old New Year, carry 2 silver coins in your wallet. They should get used to you.

On the eve of the Old New Year, take a green candle (this color attracts money, it is not by chance that the dollar is green!), Melt some wax. Make a small cake (from plasticine, for example) and stick the prepared coins on it on both sides.

Let your talisman be with you on New Year’s Eve. In the morning, put it in a green canvas bag and hide it in a secluded place, such as where you keep your money and jewelry. The talisman will attract wealth to you all year.

Love ritual

On Old New Year’s Eve, take three candles (red, white and green).

Light them and place them in a crystal decanter of water.

Place the decanter itself on a round mirror.

Ask for your love to be as pure as spring water, hot as a flame, and as clear as a mirror.

Repeat the spell three times. Your betrothed will certainly come to you in the near future.

Family Peace Ritual

On the eve of the Old New Year, clean the apartment. There should be no speck in the house!

Light a white candle and walk around every corner of every room.

Then take a bucket of water, with a lit candle read “Our Father” over it and once again thoroughly wash all the floors in the house, asking that strife and scandals leave it forever.

Do not extinguish the candle; let it burn itself out.

Old New Year conspiracies

Conspiracy to fulfill desires

On Old New Year’s Day (January 13 morning), write on a piece of paper what you want to get in the coming year. Nobody should see what you write!

Ask for specific things, such as wanting to pay off your mortgage, vacation in Malta, or get a high-paying job.

Roll the leaf into a tube and tie it with a red ribbon. Place under the tree until the morning of January 14th. Then hide in a secluded place.

Reread your desires aloud once a month until they are fulfilled.

A leaf with fulfilled desires must be burned.

A conspiracy to get rid of problems

Write on a piece of paper everything that worries you. Describe your financial problems, emotional distress, conflicts with family and friends. Do not complain about fate, just calmly remember all the negative things that happened to you in the past year. Try to write in a clear, legible handwriting with an ink pen. When you’re done, fold the leaf into a tube and light it with a candle. Ask that all your troubles be burned out, and luck come in their place.
Rituals for the Old New Year

Rite of passage for health

Clothes contain bad energy. If you are experiencing health problems, burn any old thing on the night of Old New Year without regret. All diseases will burn with her!

According to ancient beliefs, it is necessary to burn the thing that was worn in a “sore” place.

Heart out of order – burn the shirt.
Do your legs hurt or your back hurts? Send the trousers into the fire.

Headache? An old hat has no place in your closet!

By the way, problems can also be burned. Write what worries you on a piece of paper and burn it down!

A source: korporativus.com

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