Robin Montgomery vs Anna Kalinska Prediction (March 23rd, 2022), Betting Odds

On 03/23/2022 at 19:30 Moscow time, a WTA championship match will take place, in which Robin Montgomery will enter the court, and Anna Kalinskaya will oppose in this fight.


The tennis confrontation between Robin Montgomery and Anna Kalinskaya will take place as part of the next round of the prestigious international tournament, so according to the calendar of the organizers, it will take place on 03/23/2022. Thanks to bookmakers and their line, it is already known that the game starts at 19:30 Moscow time. In the head-to-head statistics of five fights, Robin Montgomery is the leader with four victories and only one defeat.


The tennis match Robin Montgomery – Anna Kalinskaya is scheduled by the organizers of the tournament for 03/23/2022, and world tennis stars should enter the court at 19:30 Moscow time. Fans of this sport were very much looking forward to this match, because the last time Robin Montgomery and Anna Kalinskaya met on the court six years ago, after which they have never been drawn in numerous tournaments. Previously, four personal meetings were played, in which Robin Montgomery has three wins and one defeat.

Robin Montgomery

Robin Montgomery, despite having a high place in the world tennis rankings, is not among the favorites at this tournament, as last year there was a relegation at an early stage. But, a year later, Robin Montgomery can demonstrate his experience and ability to read the game, so this time the results will definitely not be so deplorable. Now Robin Montgomery is among the talented representatives of tennis, as progress is visible on the face, so now no one is surprised to reach the semi-finals and final matches. Yes, Robin Montgomery does not yet have titles, but this only proves that the 21st racket of the world is hungry for trophies and will demonstrate maximum motivation in every game. In addition, this tournament takes place on clay courts, and more than twenty matches have already been played on clay this season, so Catherine Cartan Bellis will be able to feel confident about this coverage and will try to take advantage of her tactical advantages.

At this tournament, Anna Kalinskaya performs regularly, and there has never been such a thing that she could not reach at least the quarterfinals. In six years, they managed to win two victories, so Anna Kalinskaya is again among the main favorites and will try to live up to the expectations of the fans. The latter is especially important, since the tournament is a home tournament, and Anna Kalinskaya feels a huge responsibility. At the beginning of the season, six matches were already played, of which four were won. Two defeats were quite expected, as clearly stronger opponents came across, who eventually became the winners of those tournaments. Clay courts are specialized, and this season Anna Kalinskaya will no longer adapt to them, since three fights took place on this surface. Anna Kalinskaya often uses defensive tactics, relying on high-quality ball reception and sharpening the game on the second serve.

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“Robin Montgomery” – “Anna Kalinskaya”: the author’s forecast

Tennis lovers froze in anticipation of the start of the match, which will be rivals Robin Montgomery and Anna Kalinskaya. Now these athletes are among the best tennis players of our time. With consistent results and a varied game that is enjoyable for fans of the sport, they have been able to establish themselves in the tennis elite, gaining recognition from the fans. Today’s match, as well as most matches in the career of these athletes, will be important for them, as the victory will allow one step closer to the next trophy, which will undoubtedly raise the level of athletes even more in the eyes of loyal fans. The experts of our site, as well as world tennis experts, believe that Robin Montgomery and Anna Kalinskaya should use their entire rich arsenal, since it is unlikely that they will be able to win such a confrontation with little blood. Athletes are well aware of how rich the opponent’s arsenal is, so they will try to impose their game, which will allow them to control the course of the match. Naturally, it will be very difficult to do this, since in order to break an opponent of this level it is psychologically necessary to constantly act as the first number, and this will require a lot of effort. Based on this, when making predictions for this match, our experts paid attention to all the little aspects that can influence the course of this match. This approach allowed us to look at this confrontation from a different angle, which provided new forecasting solutions, which can be found below.

This season, Robin Montgomery shows the best tennis in his career, but still there is a feeling that in this tournament the most important match has already been played. In the last match, we managed to beat a principled opponent, although before that all personal meetings ended in defeats. Too many emotions were splashed out, so there is a possibility that in this match Robin Montgomery will no longer be able to demonstrate such an attitude. Robin Montgomery loves to play at someone else’s speed, being able to play reliably on the back line. The reception of the ball is one of the best in this tournament, because Robin Montgomery often demonstrates that thanks to a good reception, you can significantly escalate the situation. Robin Montgomery is proficient with both sides of the racquet and can also hit hard with both left and right hands. Only two days were allotted for rest, so physical fatigue can also make itself felt if the fight drags on for more than three sets.

Anna Kalinskaya plays at this tournament for the second time. Last year’s draw was missed due to a shoulder injury, and the year before last, it was possible to reach the semi-finals. So, this time Anna Kalinskaya hopes to show good results again and go as far as possible. After the injury, it turned out to recover very quickly, so if last season started in 27th place in the ranking, it ended already in fifteenth. Anna Kalinskaya is in even better shape this year, so it won’t be surprising if she breaks into the top ten tennis masters. Anna Kalinskaya considers hard surface her profile, as she likes to play at high speed, using power aggressive tennis. Last season, most of the matches took place on hard, with only three defeats. This season, six fights have been played on hard, and all of them have been won. It is not yet clear how things are going with stamina, but in the last matches we did not have to spend much energy, as we managed to win victories after only two games.

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Today match Robin Montgomery – Anna Kalinskaya Predictions from BC “BaltBet”

From the start of the current tennis season, Robin Montgomery and Anna Kalinskaya began to demonstrate an excellent level of training, which resulted in a large number of victories and trophies won. Against the background of the fact that a number of athletes cannot yet boast of a good form, demonstrating torn results, our rivals are trying to win as many matches as possible in order to improve their positions in the rankings. Recall that for the victory in the current tournament, tennis players will receive enough points to further rise in the rankings, and the results that Robin Montgomery and Anna Kalinskaya show in this tournament indicate that the rivals are not going to slow down, and their main goal is here is the taking of the trophy. That is why the match of these rivals attracted the attention of tennis fans, and our analysts also decided to share their predictions for this match. Since Robin Montgomery and Anna Kalinskaya have already played several head-to-head matches this season, which were held in a tense struggle, our analysts are sure that the excellent form and excellent level of preparation should contribute to the fact that this match between the rivals should turn out to be no less spectacular than previous matches. The coverage of the tournament also favors a long game, since Robin Montgomery and Anna Kalinskaya act from the serve, so we do not exclude a tight fight in each set, which, of course, will appeal to tennis fans.

We paid attention to the tennis match, which will meet Robin Montgomery and Anna Kalinskaya, as it promises to be an excellent spectacular confrontation, given the peculiarity of the surface on which the tournament is held. Athletes who will take part in the match feel great on this type of surface. This is evidenced by the results of their performances, both in the current season and in previous years. In addition, Robin Montgomery and Anna Kalinskaya have already met each other at this tournament several years ago. The result of that match still causes shock among tennis fans, since the confrontation itself lasted several days, repeatedly interrupted due to precipitation. Bookmakers, according to our analysts, correctly set the odds for this match. However, looking at the total games offered in the line, we think it would be a mistake not to play it for more, especially since tennis players will obviously try to put a lot of effort into protecting their own serves. Taking into account that the game at the reception is not the strongest side of the athletes, we are waiting here for a series of tight sets, in which, most likely, to determine the winner, tennis players will have to play tie-breaks, that is, in football terms, shoot penalties. Many bookmakers offer another interesting bet: the first set is equal to the second. Again, the features of the coverage, and the personal meeting between the athletes speaks in favor of this bet. We hope that the tennis players have not lost their skills on the eve of the match and the spectators will all even witness a protracted confrontation.

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TODAY MATCH Robin Montgomery – Anna Kalinskaya. FORECAST FROM EXPERTS

For the match in which Robin Montgomery and Anna Kalinskaya will meet, bookmakers have offered a rather interesting line. Recall that bookmakers draw up a line for tennis matches based on the rating and current form of athletes. Judging by the way the opponents started the season, they are ready to show good results in all the tournaments they take part in. Therefore, our analysts believe that the line set by the bookmakers is correct. However, this did not prevent us from carefully analyzing the possibility of victory for one and the other athlete in this match, and offer our predictions for this confrontation. We know that now in tennis there is a serious struggle for places in the rankings. The situation is such that a number of tennis players have excellent chances to improve their positions in the rankings by taking a higher place. To do this, you need to show consistently high results in all major tournaments. And this tournament is no exception. Now the most important stages are starting, and the further the opponents go through the tournament bracket, the more rating points they will get for participating in the tournament. Therefore, now all athletes will act at the limit of their capabilities, actively playing not only on their serve, but also clinging to every point on the opponent’s serve. Thanks to this, we can guarantee that Robin Montgomery and Anna Kalinskaya will play a spectacular and active match, in which they will delight the audience with bright attacking tennis, with many interesting combinations.

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