Robin Montgomery vs Pemra Ozgen (May 12) Forecast, Betting Odds

On May 12 at 12:00 Moscow time, a match will be held as part of the ITF Championship, in which Robin Montgomery will enter the court, and Pemra Ozgen will face in this fight.


Robin Montgomery now spends every day in hard training, because on May 12 he will have to play on the court against such a difficult opponent as Pemra Ozgen. In Moscow, this match will start at 12:00. The statistics of personal meetings has five matches, and Pemra Ozgen is the clear favorite in it, having won four with one defeat, and three victories were also early.

Robin Montgomery – Pemra Ozgen WHO IS THE FAVORITE OF THE MATCH?

There is not much time left until May 12, so those who still want to see the Robin Montgomery-Pemra Ozgen tennis match live should hurry up. For four years now, Robin Montgomery and Pemra Ozgen have not gone to the same court together, and earlier there were only two personal meetings in which each opponent managed to get one victory with a score of 3-2. This match starts at 12:00 GMT.

Robin Montgomery

In most of his fights won, Robin Montgomery prevails due to a strong serve, because besides her there is nothing else to brag about. But, if Robin Montgomery seizes the initiative from the first minutes and constantly serves, then the opponent has little chance of saving. One match has already been played at this tournament, which was played very confidently. The pitch worked at the highest level, so that the opponent did not have a single break point. Robin Montgomery is now in good physical shape, which was evident from all previous matches of the season, because even if he had to play five sets, there was no big fatigue at the end of the match. The profile surface is clay, but on hard courts Robin Montgomery also has to play, and this season there have already been enough matches on hard courts to get used to such coverage.

At this tournament, Pemra Ozgen performs regularly, and there has never been such a situation that it was not possible to reach at least the quarterfinals. In six years, they managed to win two victories, so Pemra Ozgen is again among the main favorites and will try to live up to the expectations of the fans. The latter is especially important, since the tournament is a home tournament, and Pemra Ozgen feels a huge responsibility. At the beginning of the season, six matches have already been played, of which four have been won. Two defeats were quite expected, as clearly stronger opponents came across, who eventually became the winners of those tournaments. Clay courts are specialized, and this season Pemra Ozgen will no longer adapt to them, since three fights took place just on this surface. Pemra Ozgen often uses defensive tactics, relying on high-quality ball reception and sharpening the game on the second serve.

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Robin Montgomery – Pemra Ozgen HOW DID YOU PLAY WITH YOUR ONE?

Robin Montgomery and Pemra Ozgen are interesting opponents who always try to show not only high-quality, but also beautiful tennis. The public simply loves when rivals take to the court in matches with opponents. However, the face-to-face confrontation of these athletes is an excellent occasion to admire various unthinkable things of modern tennis. Plasticity and excellent feeling of the ball are the main trump cards of the opponents, allowing them to shock opponents with successful hits from absolutely incredible positions. Our experts, predicting this match, paid attention to the coverage on which the tournament is held. They perfectly suit the opponents’ style of play, that is, there will be a place not only for incredible draws, but also for standard combinations that allow athletes to defend points on their own serve. In general, victory in this match will allow you to go to the next round of the tournament, earn rating points and prize money. Given that the opponents do not have the highest rating, they are unlikely to neglect this opportunity. Therefore, the struggle in the match will be serious. We think that the confrontation will turn out to be protracted, and we base our predictions for the match on this. They can be found below. And we recommend not to miss the match itself, as we believe that it will be an amazing spectacle that will not leave indifferent any fan of this sport.

At such a high stage of the prestigious tennis tournament, Robin Montgomery is quite deserved, because this season can be considered one of the best in his career. Robin Montgomery is always mobile on the court, and often it is this quality that helps to win. Very serious opponents were passed at this tournament, so there is no doubt that now Robin Montgomery will do everything in order to get into the final. At the moment, Robin Montgomery occupies the thirteenth line in the world tennis ranking, which is the highest achievement, but it is impossible to play against the TOP-10 representatives, since high speed and powerful serve are not yet a guarantee of victory. In addition, Robin Montgomery likes to play on hard surfaces more, and now he will have to act on grass courts, on which there have not been any achievements in his entire career. However, Robin Montgomery has two more days to prepare, which means a lot.

This season, Pemra Ozgen cannot show her best form, but, nevertheless, in this tournament she managed to get that far. This was partly due to the fact that the opponents came across clearly weaker, or were not in the best shape. In the last match, no one expected that Pemra Ozgen would be able to win, and already in the first set they had to lose with a score of 4-1, but then they still managed to win it, and the opponent refused to continue the game, citing high pressure and poor health. In all matches, Pemra Ozgen makes too many mistakes, so this meeting will be especially difficult, as you have to withstand the aggressive onslaught. It will not be so easy to act in draws, because when exchanging blows on the back line, Pemra Ozgen allows too much marriage. This court surface is not a profile one, so Pemra Ozgen shows mediocre results on it.

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Robin Montgomery vs Pemra Ozgen match today Predictions from BC BaltBet

The excellent performance of the athletes in the previous rounds of the tournament could not go unnoticed by our experienced analysts. Therefore, as soon as the bookmakers offered a line for the match in which Robin Montgomery and Pemra Ozgen will meet, the analysts of our portal immediately began to look for interesting bets on this match. Considering the personal meetings of the athletes, we noticed that the struggle between them is always quite tight, none of the rivals has a visible advantage. In addition, Robin Montgomery and Pemra Ozgen play aggressive tennis, trying to finish rallies in two or three strokes, which allows them to save strength to protect points on their serve. To make high-quality predictions, our experts try to study as much information as possible regarding the performance of athletes in the tournament. The history of performances of today’s rivals here is quite bright. Both Robin Montgomery and Pemra Ozgen have reached the final rounds of the tournament multiple times. This suggests that the coverage of the tournament allows them to play tennis that is comfortable for them, therefore, it can be assumed that this year the opponents will make every effort to break through the tournament grid as far as possible, which means that the match must there will be wrestling and interesting combinations that will not leave indifferent any fan of this sport.

Robin Montgomery and Pemra Ozgen will face off against Robin Montgomery and Pemra Ozgen, as it promises to be a great showdown given the nature of the surface on which the tournament is played. Athletes who will take part in the match feel great on this type of surface. This is evidenced by the results of their performances, both in the current season and in previous years. In addition, Robin Montgomery and Pemra Ozgen have already met each other at this tournament several years ago. The result of that match still causes shock among tennis fans, since the confrontation itself lasted several days, repeatedly interrupted due to precipitation. Bookmakers, according to our analysts, correctly set the odds for this match. However, looking at the total games offered in the line, we think it would be a mistake not to play it for more, especially since tennis players will obviously try to put a lot of effort into protecting their own serves. Considering that the game at the reception is not the strongest side of the athletes, we are waiting here for a series of tight sets, in which, most likely, to determine the winner, tennis players will have to play tie-breaks, that is, in football terms, shoot penalties. Many bookmakers offer another interesting bet: the first set is equal to the second. Again, the features of the coverage, and the personal meeting between the athletes speaks in favor of this bet. We hope that the tennis players have not lost their skills on the eve of the match and the spectators will all even witness a protracted confrontation.

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For a long time, only a few athletes were at the top of the world rankings in tennis. In fact, the composition of the main contenders for trophies in a particular tournament remained unchanged. However, things have changed significantly over the years. In terms of the level of play, young people are starting to catch up with the representatives of the elite elite, and young talents are trying not only to impose a fight, they go on the court to win, as evidenced by a number of unexpected results at the most prestigious tournaments. Sensations in tennis matches are happening everywhere, and this is no surprise to anyone. Our analysts have long realized that it is necessary to rebuild the approach to predicting tennis matches. It is necessary to pay more attention to analytics, paying attention to the statistical indicators of athletes on a particular type of surface, it is necessary to abandon the analysis of matches based only on the rating of athletes. The fact is that only a small part of tennis players are generalists who can demonstrate stable results on all types of surfaces. Most athletes play best tennis on only one type of surface. Thus, the analysts of our portal emphasize that high-quality prediction of tennis matches is impossible without understanding a number of factors. We tried to use these factors in the analysis of the match in which Robin Montgomery and Pemra Ozgen will meet, a detailed forecast for this interesting tennis match can be read below. We hope that the fans will not be disappointed with the performance of the athletes.

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