Robin Montgomery vs Van Xiu prediction and bets from a professional 26.01.22

On January 26, you can find several tennis matches in the betting line, among which the meeting between Robin Montgomery and Van Siyu seems especially attractive for betting. Offices will accept bets until 19:30 Moscow time, since it is at this time that the opponents will appear on the court. The statistics of personal meetings already has nine fights, in which Wang Siyu has more victories, having managed to win seven matches, of which five were with early victories after the second set.

Due to the fact that the coefficient of 2.64 is small, it can be understood that Robin Montgomery is considered by the bookmakers as the favorite of this tennis confrontation. This means that Wang Xiyu has less chances of winning, which is why the high quote of 1.468 is worth it.

Since this tournament is home, Robin Montgomery is expected to perform in the quarterfinals, having easily coped with all previous opponents. Robin Montgomery is very stable this season, and in this competition he also demonstrates incredible motivation, trying to win a quick victory already at the end of the second set. Often, Robin Montgomery demonstrates tennis so aggressively that few opponents can withstand such a pace, and even experienced opponents begin to make stupid mistakes. On the first serve, Robin Montgomery wins 89%, so the 34th racket tries to seize the initiative from the very beginning, so that he can dictate his terms and win the first set. In tennis, Robin Montgomery has been playing recently, so the opponents have not yet had time to study the style of the game. Robin Montgomery performs equally well on any court surface.

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Due to the low position in the world tennis rankings, Wang Xiyu has been playing in this tournament since the very beginning of the qualification, so six matches have already been played, and a new match must be played every day. And since only two months ago there was recovery from injury, Wang Xiyu is not yet in such physical condition to perform on such a busy schedule. In the last matches, it was clearly seen that Wang Siyu wins in the class, but the stamina is no longer enough and Wang Siyu moves more and more slowly across the court. In the last match, I generally had to play three sets during protracted rallies, and this took a lot of effort. Wang Siyu will try to seize the initiative immediately in order to make the most of his serve, because although there are no problems with the reception, if the opponent makes him move a lot around the court, then his strength will not be enough for a long time.

Tennis experts in the match Robin Montgomery – Van Siyu do not expect a large number of games, which is why they offer to bet on total less.

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