Rocky Romero praises Tony Khan’s trolling of WWE

I think there is only room for one Khan in the wrestling business.. It’s me, Tony Khan, not some con man from Connecticut.”. This is how Tony Khan spoke of Nick Khan when he thought that WWE was trying to reach an agreement with New Japan Pro-Wrestling to prevent the Japanese company from working with All Elite Wrestling. The president of this also clarified that “It was a promotion for my own show, but I was also saying that if you read on the internet that New Japan is not working with AEW, that they are going to work with WWE, that is not true because AEW and New Japan have a very strong relationship. Here’s why. So I explained it. I had heard that Nick had called them and that’s why I did it “.

► Rocky Romero, Tony Khan and WWE

We talk about that again because that’s why they asked Rocky Romero in his recent interview with Fightful. The fighter is one of those responsible for the agreement between AEW and NJPW. And he assures that liked the words of Tony Khan. Not only the same but in general when he trolls, mocks, plays with the McMahon organization.

“It’s one of those great things in wrestling. Obviously, Tony is a smart guy, he takes over the wrestling business, and this was his time to troll a bit, which is fun. When you get to see someone with that kind of status in wrestling, the owner of AEW, troll WWE a little bit, troll Nick Khan a little bit, I think it’s all very funny and very good. Honestly, it may have helped Forbidden Door in some way. That was clever marketing on Tony’s part.”

What do you think of Rocky Romero’s words?

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