Romance in the Desert at the Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale

Home to distinctive landscaping and an Old West soul, Arizona rewards those travelers who broaden their horizons and embark on the path to the unexpected. From astonishing natural wonders to culinary delights, it’s the scene of memorable moments.

Part of the Phoenix metropolitan area, the warm climate of Scottsdale throughout the year means that it welcomes millions of visitors to its streets at all times. Known as “The Most Wild West Town in the Wild West”, numerous historic sites are scattered around and festivals and events embracing this heritage are held regularly, with cowboy competitions and horse shows often.

With its desert mountain setting and palm-fringed cityscape blending seamlessly, there are few cities in the world with such a unique ambience. The hiking trails about Scottsdale they are plentiful, and most of them have epic views of the iconic Saguaro cacti that dominate the landscape.

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In this idyllic setting, Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale it is designed to blend seamlessly with the environment, with adobe-style cottages framed by the sheer cliffs of Pinnacle Peak Park. From its spa to its restaurant, each area of ​​the resort has been created with the intention of immersing us in a world of pleasure.

Built in the middle of the granite rocks of crescent butte, the complex is distinguished by its connection to the environment of the Sonoran desert. The facilities embody the magic of the Sonoran Desert through thoughtful design and the outstanding talent of regional artists and artisans. Here, we enjoy luxurious rooms under a desert sky that is painted in endless colors at nightfall.

The gastronomy In this beautiful resort, it pays homage to the culture of the place and blends perfectly with the serenity of the destination – which has been listed as one of the best places to obtain inner peace.

four seasons scottsdale atardecer

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In talavera, restaurant The resort’s flagship, traditional Latin flavors come to life in vibrant and original dishes that mix tradition with the avant-garde. Here I had the pleasure of enjoying the sealed foie gras with parsnip puree, quince gherkin and a spectacular cinnamon, orange and caramel sauce. I was carried away by its impressive cuts of meat, which pair perfectly with the selection of accompaniments, from typically Spanish patatas bravas to delicate buttered asparagus.

salad at the four seasons scottsdale

Proof, the classic American diner, offers a wide variety of dishes – from pretzel knots to single barrel bourbons. With a style that takes us back in time to the ‘wild west’ era, Proof is a local favorite. Special dinners made in a huge smoker are held here every weekend. The culinary team prepares a variety of slow-smoked entrees and desserts inspired by the flavors of American barbecue culture.

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