Romanian architecture takes Villalmanzo

Twenty years ago Florin Stefan Ticala left her country fleeing the economic crisis in search of a better life and a place where she could develop professionally … And that dream has come true in Villalmanzo, where she has a carpentry shop and has built « in his spare time »his new home, a splendid wooden log house, a common type of construction in his hometown, Visseu de Sus, located in the Maramures region on the border with Ukraine, but which here never ceases to amaze and has awakened the interest of several people to build one with similar characteristics.

“In the north of Romania there are many houses of this style, known as Canadian, Alaskan or Finnish, because for cold areas wood is one of the best insulators and the houses are heated with little expense,” says Ticala, who was owner of a carpentry shop in his country, where he built several buildings such as the one that now attracts the attention of those who come to Villalmanzo.

This house is the result of three years of work, taking advantage of the time allowed by carpentry, using, apart from the concrete foundations, only wood from Lemona (Vizcaya), specifically pine, «country stone and in the below, in the basement picnic area, the renowned Lerma brick, ”says this handyman.

In the construction of this house of about 120 square meters, with a ground floor, with two porches, a basement and an attic, Ticala has used about 130 cubic meters of wood, «logs from which I have only removed the bark and treated for the woodworm, in this first year I am not going to carry out any exterior treatment while waiting to see how the wood behaves and if it needs any protection for its future conservation “.

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1,100 euros per meter. Among the advantages that these types of buildings have, Ticala points out that “they create a very healthy environment, have great capacity to maintain temperatures and have a low maintenance cost,” he says, while indicating that the construction price is very similar that of a conventional home, “about 1,000 euros per square meter, with good finishes and turnkey.”

Although the price of a ‘normal’ house and this one of wooden logs is practically the same, for TIcala «there are many differences, in addition to the temperature, the wooden one is more cozy, has more height and a lot of light, it is worth it because the Wood gives tranquility ”, assures this carpenter who was professionally trained in a region where the wood, which comes from its forests of giant and wild fir trees, has been his main economic resource for decades.

of exposition. In addition to building his habitual residence, building this ‘exhibition’ house, Ticala also sought to launch a new line of business, “a new product in Castilla y León”, he clarifies, to strengthen the viability of the carpentry that he runs in Villalmanzo, where he started several years ago working alone and now has two employees.

«The carpentry is going very well, we have work and a lot of commissions for this year, among others to make the terraces with round logs of various buildings. The important thing is to have the desire to work ”, says this entrepreneur who in a few years has seen his business consolidate thanks to the fame he has acquired for the work he has done throughout the Arlanza region, many of them special, such as the doors of the church of Madrigalejo del Monte or the float of the Duke of Lerma that is used in the Baroque Festival. Now Ticala trusts that the construction of houses with wooden logs will be consolidated as a business line and to work throughout the region, “taking advantage of the fact that we are in a place with very good communications.

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“The house draws attention because it is unique in this area, it is different and people are not used to seeing this type of construction,” says Ticala, who is used to attending to those who knock on his door, interested in its characteristics and prices. , and tells everyone that “it is efficient and very comfortable, from the outside to the inside it is perfect”, he repeats as a slogan to promote the construction of more similar houses.


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