Ron DeSantis’ advisor used the pseudonym ‘Silence of the Lambs’ to drive immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis deported 50 Venezuelan asylum seekers from Texas to Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts in September 2022 under false pretenses.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis deported 50 Venezuelan asylum seekers from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts in September 2022 under false pretenses. Image: Joe Redl (Getty Images)

One of the big political news stories in 2022 was Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ hasty plan to send immigrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard to own libations. While the plan backfired, a recent report by CBS Miami reveals more deception at the hands of the DeSantis administration, as a top adviser revealed a silence of the sheepThemed pseudonym linked to a private email address during the transaction.

Larry Keefe, politically referred to as Florida’s “Public Safety Czar”, used the fake identity of Clarice Starling (a young FBI intern who plays the lead). silence of the sheep) to communicate with the CEO of Vertol Systems, an airline charter company involved in immigrant resettlement. Keefe and CEO James Montgomery exchanged communications over several days to coordinate terms for the flight from Texas to Massachusetts, according to records released by Governor Ron DeSantis’ office last Thursday at the behest of the Office of Open Government. Delaware with two other flights planned and Illinois—received a $1.5 million contract for three planned flights with Vertol.

“This is the email channel to use,” Keefe wrote to Montgomery on August 26, 2022, using the private email address [email protected]sending messages under the alias Clarice Starling. “Lt. Gen. Wuster gave me that call sign,” Keefe wrote again, although it is unclear whether the call sign in question is Heat 19 or Clarice Starling, as the Office of Open Government noted in a memo at the beginning of these documents. said that both were call signals given to Keefe by people in the military community.

After being addressed as “Larry” by Montgomery in a subsequent exchange on August 28, Keefe replied “see the signal”, reminding Montgomery to use the Starling pseudonym.

In an email dated August 30, Keefe outlined the terms of a contract between the Florida Department of Transportation and Vertol Systems, which was reformatted verbatim in an official communication on Vertol Systems letterhead signed by Montgomery on September 1. In this memo, the number of relocation immigrants is referred to as “Humane Resettlement Services” and the specific relationship from Texas to Massachusetts is referred to as “Project 1”. The email and subsequent document read:

VSC proposes to provide transportation-related, humanitarian relocation services (hereinafter “Services”) to FDOT … This first project (hereinafter “Project 1”), to facilitate the relocation of individuals to the State of Massachusetts or other, contiguous Northeast Will include The estimated total value for all services related to Project 1 is an amount between $445,000.00 and $525,000.00 to the State designated by FDOT based on existing conditions subject to FDOT approval.

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Another memo sent from Montgomery to Florida Department of Transportation State Purchasing Administrator Paul Baker outlines two additional “projects” that will take place between Sept. 19 and Oct. 3, 2022. Projects 2 and 3 would relocate 50 immigrants to Delaware (a plan that was reportedly canceled at the last minute) and Illinois each for $425,000 and $525,000, respectively.

Gizmodo reached out to Keefe and Montgomery using the emails listed in these documents, but they did not immediately respond to our request for comment.


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