“Rossiyskaya Gazeta” opened an exhibition of Pavlik Lemtybozh in Novgorod

An art exhibition “Pavlik Lemtybozh. Sayings and Maxims” has opened in Veliky Novgorod.

The name of this famous artist, writer, member of the St. Petersburg Creative Union of Artists and the art sect “KOLKHUI” (“Witchcraft Artists”) is already familiar to art lovers of Veliky Novgorod. Several of his paintings were exhibited at the Novgorod Center for Contemporary Art, among the works of artists from the St. Petersburg gallery “Pig’s Snout”. However, Lemtybozh’s works are presented here for the first time in such a volume.

According to the head of the Novgorod Center for Contemporary Art Sergei Pukhachev, the vernissage would hardly have taken place if it had not been for Rossiyskaya Gazeta. This summer, the St. Petersburg edition of “RG” hosted a one-day exhibition “Pavlik Lemtybozh. Sayings and Maxims”, which was attended by artists, musicians, journalists, media directors, friends and partners of the newspaper.

– Pavel’s paintings have been exhibited more than once in Russia and abroad, but the drawings were first shown to the audience by Rossiyskaya Gazeta, – said Oksana Mishenko, PR director of the North-West branch of RG, when opening the opening day. – In the summer, the exhibition really only worked for one day, but the idea arose to show it in other cities. And today we present its expanded version to the Novgorod audience.

According to Sergei Pukhachev, the exposition has successfully blended into the atmosphere of the Center for Contemporary Art. Including because Pavlik Lemtybozh in a special way knows how to snatch from modern reality its most typical features and phenomena.

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The exhibition, which presents 70 drawings and several paintings by Pavlik Lemtybozh, attracted many spectators. They not only saw and appreciated the artist’s drawings, but also talked with the author himself. And although he believes that the artist should paint, not speak, the dialogue turned out to be lively and interesting for everyone.

“The art presented today at the exhibition is usually very popular with the viewer,” said Konstantin Khivrich, chairman of the Committee for Culture and Youth Policy of the Veliky Novgorod Administration. – On the Internet, it arouses interest and collects likes. But it is very important that these paintings exist in reality, which means they are much more durable than works that live for a few moments on Instagram.

The author of the idea and the main initiator of the exhibition, director of the North-West branch of Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Angelica Gurskaya, could not attend the opening ceremony, since at that time she took part in the Northern Character International Film Festival in Murmansk. However, modern technology allowed her not to miss this event. She addressed the guests from the screen:

– Unfortunately, I could not come to the opening of the exhibition of my friend Pavel Lemtybozh, but there is a whole month ahead of her work in Veliky Novgorod. So everyone who, like me, did not get to the opening day, will still have time to see the wonderful drawings and, like me, will definitely fall in love with his wonderful, subtle, touching and always wise texts in poetry and prose. When we came up with the concept of the exhibition, Pavel formulated it with his usual humor: love, kindness and ha-ha-ha. In these drawings really – and goodness, and tenderness, and love, reflections on the meaning of life and relationships with a large and complex world around.

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The exposition itself has brought a very light note to the energy of the exhibition hall of the Center for Contemporary Art. The audience gladly moved from one exhibit to another, commented wittily and kindly on the characters of the drawings, and in the final they even staged a small vocal concert, because creativity is an inspiring business.

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Pavel Lemtybozh is an artist, author of five books of poetry and short prose. The books “Theorems” (2016) and “NekoMlekoMoloko” (2019) were awarded diplomas in the “Author’s Book” nomination at the All-Russian competition “Image of the Book”.

In 2018, Pavel Lemtybozh took part in the creation of the exhibition “Chapels of Marxism”, which was presented in the Benois Hall of the Russian Museum.

The exhibition “Pavlik Lemtybozh. Sayings and Maxims” will be open at the Novgorod Center for Contemporary Art (Bolshaya Moskovskaya St., 37/9) until December 26, 2021.

Exhibition opening hours: Wednesday-Sunday – from 11.00 to 19.00; Monday, Tuesday – days off.


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