Route 66 Andalusia style

Route 66 is one of the many tourist attractions that the United States has. Starts in Chicago and ends in Santa Monica (California), so your 3,940 kilometers They travel from east to west across the country.

The route crosses the states of Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. And along the way you can find places of interest such as the Grand Canyon, Arizona desert, Las Vegas or the extensive beaches of the state of California.

Spain also has its own particular route 66, and it is the N-340. the road has 1,248 kilometers longbeing the longest in the country, and part of Cádiz to finish in Barcelonaso it runs along the entire Mediterranean coast.

Only in Andalusia there are some places that (saving the distances) share characteristics with those presented by the original route. They are the following:

Cadiz beaches

The blue sea that bathes the Cadiz coast would be the ‘Santa Monica’ of Spanish Route 66. In addition, in some places, such as Sanlúcar de Barrameda, a Ferris wheel is installed at certain times of the year, so it would be even more similar to the typical image of the Californian beach.

The Islote of Saint Peterin which the Sancti Petri Castle is located, would be the Alcatraz of ‘our’ Route 66, which is also in the state of California.

Torcal de Antequera (Malaga)

The N-340 crosses Málaga, so you have to deviate about 50 kilometers to the south to visit this natural area, which has been declared World Heritage of Humanity by Unesco.

The limestone rocks of this place have been modeled ‘to taste’ by erosive agents, which have made the area’s karstic landscape one of the most impressive in the autonomous community and which has given it the nickname of ‘Torcal Grand Canyon‘.

The area offers various routes such as the ‘Old Red Route’the ‘Millennial Labyrinth’ or one of the best known, the ‘King’s Path’.

Tabernas Desert (Almeria)

As in the previous case, you have to turn off the national highway to the south to visit this place, which is the desert area of ​​our route. If in the United States the desert of Arizona stands out, in the Spanish that of Tabernas, which It even has a Route 66 themed restaurant..

The Tabernas Desert has been the location for recording many western genre films, among which stand out Lawrence de Arabia (1962), For a bunch of dollars (1965) o once upon a time in the west (1968).

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