Runaway Dog Escapes All Rescue Attempts For 4 Days, But Volunteers’ Determination Never Failed

Sold by a breeder, Bellaa female Bernese mountain dog, had been entrusted to a shelter which had recently found her a foster family while awaiting her adoption. Everything was fine until Sunday, December 18.

That evening, reported WGLTthe female dog had escaped from his new home Bloomington, in the State of Illinois. The following days, multiple reports reached the people who had started looking for him, but no one was able to get their hands on him. Bella.

Karry Rich

On Tuesday, December 20, she was seen in a rural area in the county of McLean. Several volunteers tried to capture her, but without success. The next day, they set up trap cages, where other dogs got caught. The “Dürrbächler” was still running.

Jean Ann Hartdirector of the association Ruby’s Rescue & Retreatwas among the volunteers trying to find Bella. « That female dog wouldn’t stay putrelate-t-elle. She was constantly moving. She ran a lot. I think a lot of people scared him ».

Everyone was dreading the storm that was coming on Thursday, with the freezing temperatures it would bring. Even for a Bernese Mountain Dog, such conditions were difficult to bear.

Fortunately, that evening, someone saw Bella near a factory on the edge of the county. Karry Richmember of Pet Central Helpsanother organization taking part in the rescue, was able to pin down the dog near a house with the help of its team. Jean Ann Hart et Ruby’s Rescue & Retreat were also on the scene.

“He’s a little angel”

All joined their efforts to immobilize Bella and finally get her to safety. Chilled and exhausted, the dog admitted defeat. She spent the night warm at home Karry Richwhich gave him a good bain and offered tasty pieces of chicken.

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Illustration of the article: A runaway dog ​​escapes all rescue attempts for 4 days, but the determination of the volunteers never failed
Karry Rich

The association which had collected Bella was supposed to pick her up the next day, but Karry Rich was in no hurry to see her go. ” She can stay here as long as she wants. She’s a little angel “, she said. All’s well that ends well for Bella and its many benefactors.

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