Russian blogger cried after listening to Dimash for the first time: “I experienced ecstasy”

DJ and blogger Nikita ZACHEM, who moved to Kazakhstan from Russia, decided to record for his YouTube channel a reaction to the performance of Dimash KUDAIBERGEN, Express K reports. For this, he chose two songs – “Love of tired swans” and “Love, like a dream.”

Before watching these videos, the blogger warned that he would listen to Dimash for the first time and did not know what to expect from the performer. The first thing he noted when the song “Love of Tired Swans” began to play was the amazing timbre of his voice, as well as the beautiful appearance of our singer.

Amazing hair, amazing features. Model! I think if he didn’t do vocals, he could easily go into the modeling business and would be the face of Calvin Klein, no less

— the blogger shared his impression.

Further, the Russian admired Dimash’s artistry, his ability to stay on stage and convey feelings. And closer to the middle of the song, the first tears began to flow from the blogger, which soon turned into a stream.

When it’s beautiful – I always have tears,

he explained.

At some point, Nikita stopped stopping the video with Dimash for his comments and enjoyed the song to the end, not hiding the sentimental emotions that flooded over him.

At a certain moment, I experienced ecstasy from pleasure. At the same time, a storm of emotions: surprise, delight, admiration, and at the end, when he finished singing, I felt empty,

– this is how Nikita described his condition.

The blogger’s reaction to the next song – “Love is like a dream” – was even more emotional. The Russian stated that he could not stop the video and did not want it to end.

If an angel had a voice, I think it would sound like this

he admitted.

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