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A few weeks before the New Year, at the 25th anniversary ceremony of the Golden Gramophone National Music Award, our country’s favorite artists congratulated the millionth audience of Russian Radio listeners on the upcoming holidays and did it very creatively. Each participant of the Prize conveyed only one word to his colleagues in show business, which must have been used in congratulations.

These funny, touching, original and very sincere greetings must certainly sound during the New Year celebrations!

Sergey Zhukov:

Our dear, beloved, relatives! Happy New Year! The New Year must definitely bring us a lot of joyful and cheerful. And let your legs run towards something new, beautiful, kind! And when you run, your legs, I hope, will not get tired, and will be as strong as our hands. Happy New Year!

Nikolay Baskov:

Give us the 21st year of health, happiness and love, so that later we will tell you: “All that we can, we could give you!”


Dear viewer, listener and dear friend! Happy New Year to you! Let it burst into your life, bringing a bunch of inspiration, pure, real inspiration coming from the heart! And may the closest, sincere, real, warm people always be nearby. And so that with each hug with these people you experience real euphoria!


Dear listeners of Russian Radio! I wish you a Happy New Year! May your life be as sweet as a peach. I want everything to be fine with you. Strong immunity, so that any troubles bounce off of you. Have a good mood, a positive charge for the whole next year! Love you!

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Articles & Articles:

Dear friends! We want to wish you a Happy New Year! Let everything that was in the old year be sure to be forgotten and pass by, disappear from your memory, and if something was good, let it remain forever. And in the next year, may everything be just wonderful, well, may all loved ones be there and be healthy!

Max Barskih:

Happy New Year to all viewers! Let your tables have a lot of orange peels, the air smells of tangerines, champagne flies in all directions, and Olivier is poured into your plates. Happy New Year! Be happy and love each other!

Larissa Valley:

Dear listeners of Russian Radio! Whatever your neurophysiology, I congratulate you on the Year of the Ox and wish you that the Ox, too, is not influenced by neurophysiology. Be happy and healthy and may you be lucky next year. You cannot live without hope. This year was very difficult, we see it off. I’d like to wish everyone that this infection will come off us and never stick again!

Elena Sever:

Let no ailments and diseases stick to you! I wish you health, happiness, good luck, and that all your dreams come true.


I want to congratulate all of you on the upcoming New Year holidays! I wish you health, good mood every day, so that there are kind, positive, sincere friends nearby, whom you can call peacemakers. Be happy every day and may all your dreams come true!

Regina Todorenko:

Our dear spectators, listeners, caretakers! I wish you a Happy New Year! I wish you to open up new frontiers this year. Let them all be open. Travel competently, please!

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Irina Dubcova:

My dear, my beloved, my good! Those who are happy at the moment, those who are missing or sad at the moment – I wish you that with the end of 2020 all your problems will disappear. And remember that the most important thing in our life is love, and I wish it to you. And in love, passion takes the first line!

Group “Earthlings”:

Our golden radio listeners and TV viewers! We congratulate you on the 25th anniversary of the Golden Gramophone. We sincerely wish you prosperity, golden songs, golden artists and strong financial stability.


Dear friends! Happy New Year to all of you! I wish the New Year to bring you as many positive and vivid emotions as possible, because we all live for them. And don’t forget that movement is life!

Arthur Pirozhkov:

I want to congratulate all my fans, everyone who loves to dance, who loves to enjoy life, who simply enjoys the creativity of the brightest artist of this millennium – Artur Pirozhkov. I want to wish everyone love, and the self-actualization that awaits us in the next 2021 will prove to you that everything will be fine! Happy New Year 2021!

Ani Lorak:

Dear friends! When you stand on the press wall, always remember to pull in your tummy, back back. Remember that you are the queen, you are the king of your life, you are the director. Everything will be exactly the way you want it. May 2021 bring the fulfillment of all cherished desires. I would like us to choose happiness, to choose love and those whom we truly love – mutual love. And so that the 21st year was the happiest in our life!

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Happy New Year!

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