Russians are even fleeing from Putin by bike or boat

Tens of thousands of Russians are fleeing their own country because of the war in Ukraine. Among them, some also take very unorthodox paths.

epa10209234 Russian men with their luggage walk along a road after passing through customs at the Georgia-Russia border checkpoint of Verkhnii Lars, Georgia, 27 September 2022. Thousands of – keystone


the essentials in brief

  • Tens of thousands of Russians have fled the country since Vladimir Putin mobilized.
  • Some end up abroad in strange ways.
  • Be it north of the Arctic Circle by bike or by boat to Alaska.

Since Vladimir Putin called for partial mobilization because of the Ukraine war, tens of thousands of Russians have fled their own country. They want to avoid such an impending recruitment. Some of them manage to do this on very unusual routes.

Demonstration Georgia
People protest against the entry of deserting Russians into Georgia.
Since Putin’s partial mobilization, tens of thousands have fled to neighboring Georgia.
Miles of cars formed in front of the border.
Ukraine war
Russian troops have also been sighted on the border with Georgia.
Ukraine war
Since Putin’s partial mobilization, tens of thousands of Russian men have been ordered to military bases. (icon picture)

With the bike through the cold

In the British «Guardian», Ilya from Moscow tells how he got on a train to Murmansk the day after the announcement. The port city is 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle in northwestern Russia. He had a second-hand bike in his luggage, which he had bought from a friend in town.

The 27-year-old is said to have cycled to Kirkenes, across the Norwegian border. That’s over 240 kilometers. The young man said he trains for triathlons.

Russians cross ocean in boats

On the other side of the world, two Russians made headlines last week crossing Behring Strait in a mini-boat. They ended up on a remote island in Alaska, where they sought asylum to avoid recruiters in the Ukraine war.

Alaska Russian Asylum Seekers
The two Russians are said to have applied for asylum because of the Ukraine war. (AP Graphic) – keystone

Also by sea, eight sailors escaped from Vladivostok. According to the “BBC”, on September 27 they immediately set off on a trip to South Korea, which was actually planned for later in the year. The journey through the Sea of ​​Japan took about five days as the boat had to circumnavigate North Korean territorial waters.

Better to go to Iran than to the Ukraine war

Just a few hours after the announcement, all flights to countries without visa restrictions were sold out. Alexei, 25, therefore booked a one-way ticket to Tehran in Iran. This despite the fact that protests against the regime had already begun there.

Do you keep up to date on the Ukraine war?

“My family was worried, they asked if Iran was really safer than Russia,” he says in the Guardian. In fact, after half a day, Alexei got back on a plane to Dubai, where he has lived ever since.

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