Sacha Baron Cohen emigrated from the USA

Sasha Baron Cohen, 49-year-old performer of the role of a silly Kazakh journalist in the comedy Borat, left his native Los Angeles forever and moved to Australia

Bloody racial clashes, hatred, intolerance and the recent storming of the Capitol overwhelmed the cup of patience Sasha Baron Cohen… The comedian was not reassured by the electoral defeat of the hated liberals Donald Trump and the arrival of a new president at the White House – an old man Joe Biden… The actor became completely disillusioned with American democracy and moved to Sydney for permanent residence. In an interview with Variety, Sasha admitted that he believes Trump’s statements about falsification of the current elections. The Baron is confident that this will continue to be so.

The head of the family was accompanied by a 44-year-old wife in search of a better life Isla Fisher (“Shopaholic”) and their offspring.

Sasha and Isla fled from the American “democracy” to the ends of the earth. Photo:

“They don’t want to raise children in Trump’s America,” writes the Sydney Morning Herald.

And the children of the movie stars are three: 13-year-old Olive, 10-year-old Elula and 5-year-old Montgomery. On the Green Continent, girls have already started school.

Zach: “Forward to the West!” Photo:

Another Hollywood star, 33-year-old handsome Zac Efron (“The grandfather of easy virtue”), has long settled in Australia. In June he spun with a local model Vanessoj Valladares, and remained under the soft side of a new girlfriend. The couple live in a luxury Airbrnb hotel near Sydney’s Bondai Beach. The night of love costs them $ 5 thousand. The actor is not going to return to his mansion worth $ 22 million in Los Angeles even after the end of the pandemic.

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Efron settled in comfort on the Green Continent
Efron settled in comfort on the Green Continent
Vanessa has long mastered the famous Bondi Beach
Vanessa has long mastered the famous Bondi Beach. Photo:

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