Sad stories of homeless animals: where to find a true friend in the Dnieper

Animals are amazing creatures. They can become loyal friends and family members. They bring joy and happiness to the house.

If you want to make yourself a four-legged friend, you don’t have to buy yourself purebred cats or dogs. There are a lot of homeless kids in Dnipro who are looking for a family. It’s time to choose a pet that will show you what true loyalty and love are. The informant will tell you where to look for your furry friend.


A cat appeared in one of the courtyards of the Dnieper. Since there is nowhere to shelter her, the baby is going to be taken to the market. Now they are looking for a house for her. The cat is small, eats well, playful. You can find out more from Julia by phone: (067) 605-37-62


A young and playful dog, already neutered and has a chip. When Misha found himself on the street, he experienced all the negative aspects of such a life. Now his time for overexposure ends, so he really needs a home and loving owners. Call: (068) 929-85-50 – Julia.


The tiny kitten was packed into a backpack and thrown away. He was the smallest and weakest of the four kittens. They feared that he would not survive. But, fortunately, he got out. A month later, he turned into a gorgeous cat. He is only two months old. He is healthy, affectionate, playful. The kid believes that he will find his family. Call: (098) 435-08-35 – Irina, (097) 410-96-56 – Svetlana.


The tame cat was on the embankment late in the evening. He tossed about under the feet of people. They took pity on him and took him to an orphanage. Now he lives in a cage, very obedient and affectionate. Accustomed to the tray, not picky about food. He is 4 months old. Very much waiting for its loving owners. Call: (098) 435-08-35 – Irina, (097) 410-96-56 – Svetlana.

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Shy dog

The baby is 4.5-5 months old. I got caught up in people from the store almost to the very home. They could not leave her, as she would have been gnawed by the yard dogs. He is afraid of contact with people and with other dogs. Now she was taken for overexposure. Call this number: (093) 818-03-21.

Redhead girl

The kitten is looking for a home. Very affectionate baby, she is two months old. Accustomed to the tray. They promise that she will grow up big and fluffy. Contact the number: (066) 146-54-94.


Wonderful and friendly girl Tata is looking for a home. She dreams of living in a family in which she will never be offended. The dog is sterilized, vaccinated, treats people, cats and other dogs well. Accustomed to walking twice a day. She will not be given to a chain or to an aviary; the girl must live in the house. If you liked the dog, call: (067) 847-77-41, (067) 287-47-02.

Daria Nescheret

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