“Sailing”: Everything about Rod Stewart’s big hit

With the single “Sailing” from 1975 Rod Steward landed a ballad classic. You can get all the important background information from us.

The singer is one of the most successful British artists. However, he left his native England and moved to the USA. The reason for this was the lower taxes there. Still, he struggled with homesickness. When he heard the song “Sailing” by the Scottish band Sutherland Brothers, it was clear to him: He had to cover the song. Because the lyrics are about sailing across the ocean and flying home like a bird.

In an interview, Rod Stewart admitted that he is always very nervous when he sings on stage or in the studio. To calm his nerves, he always had to drink some alcohol beforehand. However, the singer arrived at the Alabama recording studio at the last minute and there was no alcohol there. The single “Sailing” was the first song he recorded completely sober.

However, this did not detract from the success of the song. On the contrary: it became one of his greatest hits. Before he gave the song his voice, little attention was paid to the single. But not only he celebrated great success with it. The band Sutherland Brothers also benefited from the cover of their song and was then able to look forward to some chart hits.

“Sailing” – The video for the song:

To the lyrics of the single “Sailing” by Rod Stewart


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