Saint-Hilaire-de-Voust. A duo of violinists in concert with the Ovia

Two questions for …

Nicolas Maupetit, president of the Ovia association.

How’s the Ovia?

We have resumed rehearsals regularly since September, with a staff maintained at 45 musicians. We even had the joy of welcoming five new members to the group: two alto saxes, two clarinettists and a trumpeter. With the announcement of the various health measures, we had to adapt by modulating or stopping our rehearsals, which we relocated to the Salle des Silènes, to La Châtaigneraie.

What is the program of your concert?

Our program is chosen by Vianney Ranson and every year we diversify the guests for the evening. This year, we are going to welcome a Vendée duo of violin, Ivanne Daniau, intermittent of the spectacle, professor of violin and violinist and Françoise Douvrain, professional violinist in the largest ensembles. Two professional artists who made a meeting with the Orchester de Vendée a sincere friendship and a desire to play together A tune in my head. The concocted program is colorful, for all tastes, offering a well-known baroque, romantic, modern, Celtic sounding music to emerge with a tune to hum, as Ivanne likes to say.

The second part will be a highlight for the musicians of the Ovia, who reconnect with the public. The harmony orchestra, made up of woodwinds, brass and percussions of the Ovia will delight music lovers with film music. The Lion King, a potpourri of Star Wars Saga, Indian music Arizona, original music for orchestra …

Sunday December 5, at 3:30 p.m., concert at Espace Beauchesne. Entrance: € 8 per adult with raffle. Free for school children. Health pass and mask compulsory.

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Reservations and contact: by tel. 02 51 00 43 49 and 02 51 00 51 96.


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