Salvadoran Father Wakes Up From Coma After Being Run Over in Maryland – NBC4 Washington

A family begs for help from the community after the head of the household woke up from a coma after spending a month in hospital.

Carlos Bonillas was run over in an incident recorded in Howard County on July 28. He will now need to undergo expensive therapies that could keep him out of bed for the rest of his life.

Bonilla’s family says that the Salvadoran is a warrior. He was apparently on his way to his house on the 100 freeway heading to Ellicott City when his car broke down, and as he tried to push him to the side of the road, a vehicle ran over him.

“Thanks to a nurse who saw the accident and saw him in the middle of the street bleeding and got up and started doing CPR and called 911 and she was the one who saved his life,” said Georgina Garcia, the wife of the victim.

With almost all broken bones and serious injuries, for four weeks Bonilla fought for her life. He thankfully woke up, but his road to rehabilitation is just beginning.

“Right now we need to raise funds so that he can go to a rehabilitation center where they can teach him to speak, to walk, to be an independent person again,” Garcia said.

She added that her husband was the provider of the home. They are both cancer survivors and have five children.

Garcia fears that Bonilla’s medical bills will consume her to the point of even losing her home. Launched a GoFundMe account to raise funds for his recovery.

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“He can’t work right now… we’re not working the company,” Garcia said. “We would like the Latino community to come together and help us share if they can’t donate.”

Howard police told Telemundo 44 that they are investigating the hit-and-run and that a driver stayed behind after the incident. If you have information about this accident, you can call (410) 313-2200.

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