Samsung’s PC-to-phone streaming service will be discontinued later this month

Samsung’s PlayGalaxy Link service, which allows you to stream games from your PC to choose Galaxy smartphones, will close on March 27. the company has announced. Technically, Samsung announced the announcement at the end of February, but we were only aware of the closure Gamasutra discovered the announcement earlier this week.

Samsung didn’t go into much of the reasons for the closure, just saying that “internal policy changes” are behind the decision. However, Gamasutra notes that the announcement came just a few weeks after Samsung announced an important partnership with Microsoft as part of its Galaxy S20 launch event. The partnership is likely to result in Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming service appearing on Samsung devices in the future. Samsung may not have been willing to continue investing money in its semi-competitive service.

As we reported last NovemberPlayGalaxy Link was originally available for download from the Samsung App Store and worked with a range of devices including Samsung Galaxy S10, Note 10, Galaxy Fold, Galaxy A90 and Galaxy S9. If you’re looking for a replacement service that allows you to stream your own games from your gaming PC over WiFi, then Valves Steam Link app is a pretty decent option.

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