Sandra Sánchez faces her last competition

Sandra Sánchez, although it was a fact, appears in the official announcement of the Royal Spanish Karate Federation for the World Games that are held from July 7 to 17 in Birmingham (Alabama). The Olympic champion in Tokyo will take the stage on July 8 when the heats, semifinals and final of the kata competition will be played.

It will be the last competition for the 40-year-old athlete and the only one she has left to win before definitively retiring from the tatami to put the finishing touch to a race in which she has been since 2015 without getting off the podium.

And it is that in this 2022 he has chosen three appointments to say goodbye: the Spanish Championship, the European Championship and these World Games in the United States.

The National Championship was held at the end of March in the Rioja town of Villamediana de Iregua, where the runner-up in team kata, Lidia Rodríguez, was beaten in the final. In this way, the Talaverana won her eighth and last Spanish Championship.

In May it was the turn of the European who this time went to Turkish lands, specifically, to the town of Gaziantep where Sandra Sánchez reached her seventh continental title, chaining 59 medals in a row. In this competition she beat the 25-year-old Ottoman Dilara Bozan in the final.

Precisely, Bozan will be one of Sandra’s rivals on American soil; The complete list of women’s kata athletes at these World Games is also made up of the Japanese Hikaru Ono, the German Jasmin Juettner, the American Sakura Kokumai, the Swiss Mo Sheueng Grace Lau, the Australian Alexandrea Anacan and the Croatian Aya Hisham.

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the list In this scenario, the one qualified by the World Karate Federation as the best kata athlete in history, won the gold medal last year at the Tokyo Games where karate was invited, taking advantage of the only Olympic opportunity she has had. So far your sport. Of course, Sandra Sánchez has set the bar so high that it will be very difficult, if not almost impossible, for anyone to beat her. In short, she has become a legend of karate and sports in general.

The World Games are held every four years, in the year following each Summer Olympics, as was the case in Tokyo in 2021. In this case, it has been postponed for a year due to the pandemic.

This eleventh edition will bring together 3,600 of the best athletes in the world from more than a hundred countries who will compete in some 30 disciplines and, during the event, more than 600 medals will be awarded.

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