Santiago Rodríguez began to pay with goals in Almagro

Santiago Rodríguez lives a great present. The striker who was born in Arizona and who shone in Estudiantes de San Luis is one of the highest points that Almagro has – a team he shares with Merlin Brahian Cuello. He was sweet in the preseason, but because of the points he had not scored, although the 4-0 win over All Boys ended the drought. He dreams of making the jump to the First Division and helping his family.

“I am very comfortable in Almagro. I am a person who adapts quickly to changes. When I got to San Luis from Arizona I settled in right away; and now the same thing happened to me in Buenos Aires. If one is comfortable, everything is easier, here they received me very well and from the beginning they made me feel like one of the group, ”Santi began.

I dream of taking another leap, but today I am here and I have to do things well here for that opportunity to come. “Santiago Rodríguez, Almagro player.

The striker who gave so much satisfaction to “Verde” San Luis today is key in the scaffolding of José Ingenieros’ team. Entering as a starter or as relief, his speed is a lethal weapon and the cast that Gastón Esmerado commands makes the most of it. He has a great ability to break lines and if he joins up with Brahian Cuello —also with a past in Students— they do their thing and form a great society that gives the “Tricolor” enormous revenues.

“The team is fine, we are leading the way and the goal is to get into the Knockout Phase to look for the second promotion, but you have to go step by step and not take the focus off the goal, there are two dates left and the goal is missing”, assured.

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Almagro finished the first part of the contest in the relegation zone, the pandemic arrived, the restructuring of the tournament came and it seems that the parate fell like a glove, since the present finds him the leader of his group and with many chances of reaching the Knockout Phase. “It would be very nice to qualify and fight for the second promotion, two steps are missing, hopefully we can achieve it because the group deserves to fight for important things,” he said.

In the preseason he had scored two goals, but for the points he was with wet gunpowder. Although it is true that he generated innumerable situations that ended in a goal from a teammate, Santiago could not take off that mufa, until against All Boys, in the 4-0 win, he could be present on the scoreboard. “Luckily I was able to score a goal, in the preseason I was upright, but in the tournament I had not scored goals, now I already took that backpack off, hopefully it will be the first of many and that they will serve to help Almagro achieve important things”, assured.

He is not a scorer. It is a quickie that likes to go outside and attack spaces. It is unbalanced in the one on one. Your speed is the workhorse you have to make a difference. The DT knows that Santiago has enormous potential and that he is the key that the “Tricolor” has to open those closed defenses. “My characteristics are that of a fast player who exploits his speed in the best way. I feel very good as a striker, but I can also do it as a winger for either of the two bands, you have to get used to what the coach asks for, ”he said.

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While enjoying his time in Almagro, he does not forget his beloved Estudiantes. He is aware of what is happening with the “Green”, no wonder, since it was the great showcase for Santi to be coveted by various teams. “I talk with former colleagues, props and close friends and they tell me. I left great friends at the club and I am eternally grateful for everything they gave me ”, he closed.

While it is true that he adapted quickly to Buenos Aires, it is also true that he misses his native Arizona and his family, but all this effort is made to take another leap in quality. When I played in the Arizona wastelands as a child, I dreamed of being a professional player. Today he is, but he is not satisfied with this and wants to go for more. Santiago Rodríguez is on the rise, his career runs as fast as he does in every game.

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