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Carrer de Ramon Martí Alsina, 32, 08911 Badalona, ​​Barcelona, ​​Spain

Rey del Glam, is not only a tribute to the Spanish pop diva Alaska, it is also a tribute to the collective musical memory of all, with her more than 30 years of musical career. Who has not danced and sung, to the rhythm of Who cares, Neither you nor anyone, Dancing, How could you do this to me, Bloody pearls, A real man, etc. etc.

Rey del Glam, is a project born in Barcelona, ​​produced by SCM, made up of Oscar Bretau (Guitar and voices), Xavi Romero (Synthesizers, programming and voices) and Mary Glam (Voice). Three artists united by the production company, to create a tribute with an almost identical resemblance to the original. You just have to close your eyes at one of their concerts, try it.

They have created a show, which aims to be fun and above all to not stop dancing, there will be no concessions of any kind, once the set list is launched, which reviews the diva’s career for more than an hour and a half, from Pegamoides, Dinarama to the current one, Fangoria.

King of Glam, gives title to the tribute in addition to being one of the most emblematic songs of Dinarama, a song they composed in honor of the great Gary Glitter, icon of the Glam movement in the 70s.

You do not miss the hype!


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