Save agriculture, the bet of Camp Verde in Arizona

Farmers in the Southwestern United States have proudly fed the rest of the country for generations. This task would be impossible for them without the presence of the Colorado River, 80% of whose water is used by the agricultural sector.

Traveling the river, we often hear that farmers are largely responsible for the water crisis. They would not be ready to change their production methods.

But what is really happening on the ground? In this 4e episode, Alexis Buisson, the correspondent of The cross in the United States, moves away from the river to sink inland and concentrate on the tributaries. Direction the rural county of Pinal, Arizona, one of the most affected by the declaration of shortage of 2021. Further north, in the small town of Camp Verde, farmers, entrepreneurs and associations unite to preserve water by sometimes making daring bets…

What happens when one of the largest rivers in the United States disappears? What are the economic, social, environmental and political consequences of this drying up? Is it possible to save a river of this size?

During a road trip sound, Alexis goes to meet elected officials, entrepreneurs, citizens, environmental activists, Native American tribes and scientists to find the answers to these questions. Find a new episode every Friday, all summer long.

Colorado, the river that refuses to die is a new season of “This is America,” a podcast brought to you by The crossin partnership with the information site for the French in the United States French Morningand the university program Alliance (Columbia University, Ecole polytechnique, Sciences Po, Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne).

Writing and production: Alexis Buisson. Chief editor: Fabienne Lemahieu. Producer: Celestine Albert-Steward. Mixing and musical composition: Emmanuel Viau. Illustrations: Olivier Balez. Marketing: Laurence Szabason.

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