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Updated on 02/24/2022 01:00 pm

The new episodes of the American series “Grey’s Anatomy” have captivated the viewing public from beginning to end, which has described this production as one of the most watched in recent times. That is why in chapter 9, of season 18, a big surprise will take Amelia regarding Parkinson’s therapies.

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The new season of “Grey’s Anatomy” (“Grey’s Anatomy” in Spanish) was released on September 30, 2021 to the delight of fans who were waiting with great anticipation for the drama created by Shonda Rhimes and which is broadcast by the abc chain.

Grey’s Anatomy” has the leading participation of Ellen Pompeo, Chandra Wilson and James Pickens Jrwho are joined by a great cast of actors like Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh), Ellis Gray (Kate Burton) and Owen’s sister, Megan Hunt (Abigail Spencer) who return to the famous production.

It should be noted that in the season 18 from “Grey’s Anatomy” will enter a new character and it is Dr. Alan Hamilton, who is played by Peter Gallagher. In chapter 9 there will be many surprises that fans of “Grey’s Anatomy” may see.

The series “Grey’s Anatomy” is considered one of the most viewed in recent times (Photo: ABC)


Grey’s Anatomy” 18×09. The Serie “Grey’s Anatomy” continues to deliver thousands of emotions and great surprises to the audience and this will not be the exception in the episode 9 of season 18. That is why here we tell you where to see the new chapter.

Chain ABC television is in charge of broadcasting the new episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy”.

It should be noted that the chapters of “Grey’s Anatomy” can also be seen online on the digital platforms of the same channel.

Season 18 of “Grey’s Anatomy” brings exciting new surprises (Photo: Medyapım / MF Yapım)


Episode 9 of “Grey’s Anatomy” can be seen on Thursday, February 24 at the usual time, as indicated by the portal cartermatt.

In that sense, the series will begin to be broadcast from 9:00 pm EST, through ABC.


In episode 9 of “Grey’s Anatomy” titled “no time to die”, it is observed Amelia who feels prepared for her first medical procedure which supposedly should have positive results to apply the therapy to the patients with Parkinson; however, not everything goes as she expects because this is delayed by the patient’s chronic weakness conditions.

Also, the doctors Grey Sloan Memorial they face the aftermath of the car accident suffered by one of them. While Meredith works to save Dr. Hamilton’s life.

Another of the scenes that will attract attention is when Bailey is forced to rethink the Webber method after Levi was seriously affected by his last defeat.

Caterina Scorsone plays the role of Amelia on Grey's Anatomy.  She will finally know who is the father of her child.  (Photo: ABC)
Caterina Scorsone plays the role of Amelia on Grey’s Anatomy. She will finally know who is the father of her child. (Photo: ABC)

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