Scholarships offered for Dreamers in Utah and other states – Telemundo Utah

The Dream.US Alliance and the Institute for Mexicans Abroad are offering scholarships for Dreamers in Utah and several states in the country.

There are two programs available for youth to apply.

One of the programs offers up to $ 80,000 for them to continue and finish their studies in the United States. The deadline to register is January 28.

The participating states for this program are: Alaska, North Carolina, South Carolina, Indiana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Another program offers up to $ 30,000 and the deadline to sign up is February 25th. The participating states are Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Arkansas, Maryland, Colorado, Oregon, Georgia, Washington, Tennessee, Connecticut, Illinois and Delaware.

To register you can access the following link.


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